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September 11, 2009 3:24 AM

This is playing out well for Phil Kessel.

Being a Sioux fan people are naturally probably starting to wonder why I am so interesting in Phil Kessel and his contract negotiation with the Boston Bruins. I know he played for the much despised Golden Gophers for a season before he left for the NHL. Frankly I wouldn't be as interested in this if he didn't play for my favorite NHL the Boston Bruins. That being said, as a college hockey fan and the fact that Kessel is an American and potential Olympic hockey player, I find this ever unfolding drama to be remotely interesting. I would like him to remain a member of my favorite team because he is offensively dynamic, however, that being said Kessel is a one dimensional player, he is all offense and had trouble finding the defensvie zone, he was like that in college as well.

I think the fact that Kessel wasn't offered a contract when David Krejci was is very telling because it proved that the Bruins were more interested in signing Krejci then they were Kessel. Compare and contrast another RFA player and former Fighting Sioux player Drew Stafford has had less drama in his contract negotiations, Stafford has yet to sign a contract. The Sabres and Stafford hope to have a contract signed soon.

As this story unfolds it would appear that some of the same character flaws are seemed to be prevalent during his draft combine might actually be true. Personally, I think Kessel is a great offensive talent that needs to learn about being a team player.

Puck Daddy had a great story today on the Kessel situation and laid out how bad things have played out. Also, from reading the articles it would appear that Kessel might not be missed by his team mates if he isn't resigned.

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