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November 4, 2009 1:00 PM

Fiona Quick says Portwood won't be suspended.

From the quick facts twitter account:

After speaking with Greg Shepherd QuickFacts does not expect any further discipline against Alaska's Portwood on for his hit on Nick Leddy.

I think the Gophers coach Don Lucia is a hypocrite in this instance after what Brian Schack did to MSU-M Maverick defenseman Channing Boe last season with his Todd Bertuzzi style attack and now wants the league to look at the Portwood hit on Leddy and possibly level a game or two suspension for something that is about ten times less serious. The first question I have to ask is, “are you kidding me?” Why doen’t Lucia suggest that the league also suspend the league officials working that game as well?

In fact Lucia basically condoned the Brian Schack attack on Channing Boe and called it sticking up for a teammate when the refs wouldn’t protect the Gophers players. I think this set a horrible precedence and it isn't good. If Brian Schack wasn't suspended by the University of Minnesota, coach Lucia or the WCHA for that brutal attack, I don’t see how they can in this situation. I saw the hit in question and I watched it no less than ten times and I see no reason for Portwood to be suspended. Was the hit in question questionable? Maybe. However, I don’t’ think there was malicious intent, especially when Portwood didn't lead with his elbow; he kept his shoulder down and into his body and didn't leave his feet to check the Gopher defender. It's unfortunate that Leddy got hit and suffered an injury nobody wants to see anyone get hurt ever. In fact being a Wild draft choice I want him to develop into a top of the line player that will contribute to the Minnesota Wild, however, what happened last year and Lucia’s inaction in dealing with his own player and now wanting a suspension in this instance is troublesome and very hypocritical. What if a Maverick player had done that to one of his Gopher players? I bet Lucia would have asked for a suspension in that case as well. You can’t have it both ways Donny.

Lastly, I know the WCHA officials are God awful I have been railing on them for years but if they can’t make the proper calls on the ice maybe they should be on the ice in the first place. In this case I think they made the right decision

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