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November 4, 2009 1:03 PM

So who is Lucia referring to?

The first thing I would say is WTF? Check out these condescending comments by Minnesota Gophers coach/prima donna Donny Lucia. I don’t think he needs to wonder why some of the fans in the WCHA don’t like his pompous smart-alecky ass. Lucia also shouldn’t wonder why some fans are not endeared to him.

Seriously, what kind of a coach makes these types of comments. Was it really needed in the article as well? Maybe we should blame the Minnesota beat writer as well. So what fans are you referring to Donny? I haven’t seen the fans jawing at you on the bench like they were George Gwozdecky. Can you imagine if Dave Hakstol or Bob Motzko had said something classless like that? Also, don't flatter yourself Donny the Badger fans hate you and your team as well.

I like going to Wisconsin," Lucia said. "The fans are into it. They have a good band there and you don't have the vile language or anything like that. The fans are just into the game which is the way you like to see it. From that standpoint, it fires us up. We have always had pretty good luck at the Kohl Center over the years."

Last season the Gophers played a series there in late October. The first game was a 2-2 tie, the Gophers won the next night 5-2.

"We have played well there," Lucia said. "It is a good rivalry but again it is not the swearing, the hatred, the viciousness as in some other buildings we have to go in our league."

Wonder which ones he was referring to? I can guess one pretty easily.
[Goal Gophers]

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