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January 30, 2010 3:21 PM

Cleaning up the mess; DU and UND.

Short of scoring MORE goals I don't know what UND could have done last night, cue the proverbial hot goalie cliché, the Fighting Sioux gave up two quick goals and DU did exactly what Cornell did last Friday night they went into a defensive shell and sat on the lead, they chipped the pucks out and collapsed around their net. It's almost as if they watched the game film of last Friday's game between he Big Red and the Fighting Sioux.

On the first goal Dell stopped the first two shots and was beat when the defense failed to pick up the rebound, third shot was in the net. The first and second shot were tough saves as well. Hockey is a team game and they came out flat in the first 3:18 of the game and it cost them. The second goal wasn't so good; it was your basic five hole. I have to admit that I am not excited about the current state of the Fighting Sioux hockey team, they have went an unimpressive 1-3-1 in their last five games, however, I believe their record does not tell the whole story.

The Fighting Sioux have also played some pretty good hockey during that time frame, that have also ran into three solid goaltending efforts in those three losses. In the defensive zone of the ice the Fighting Sioux have limited the opposition's shot totals. The Sioux limited the Gophers to 23 shots in the 5-1 loss, against Cornell they limited the Big Red to 31 shots on the weekend and last night the Pioneers were only able to get 20 shots on net. That is good defense, statistically. During the last three games the Fighting Sioux have only give up four goals. Last night during the second period the Fighting Sioux out shot DU 15-2, and just could put anything past Chevy. What do you do? Sioux7 says that you go out and run over the goalie to start the game. I personally wouldn't recommend that option, unless you want to start a Donnybrook. When Marc Cheverie is on he is a pretty goalie, it is what it is.

 Like Tim Hennessey said during the post game comments that eventually they are going to start going in and someone is going to get plastered by this team. [click to the post game]

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