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January 27, 2010 12:11 PM

Couple of things... DU and UND week.

The Voice of the Fighting Sioux Radio Tim Hennessey has a new video show on The Fighting Sioux have a new comitted recruit. Former Edmonton Oiler's great Craig Simpson's kid Dillon Simpson has comitted to the University of North Dakota.
Over the weekend Dillon Simpson committed to the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux. The 16 year old rookie defenceman with the Spruce Grove Saints has 8 goals and 34 points this year in 47 games with the number one ranked Junior A team in the country. Simpson has heated up recently wiht 7 points hin his past 4 games. He was an 8th round choice of the Kelowna Rockets in the 2008 WHL bantam draft, but would have gone much higher, possibly in the first round had he not been leaning towards the NCAA. [Coming down the pipe]
In reading the City Beat blog post on the Fighting Sioux name, I really believe the name is on life support and is a dead logo walking unless the Standing Rock Tribe acts on a vote for the Fighting Sioux logo. UND is so desperate to get into a conference they will just throw the Fighting Sioux logo under the bus without a fight. Buy all of the Fighting Sioux gear that you can, because it's not going to be around much longer, I can only wonder what gay logo the University of North Dakota will come up with to replace the Fighting Sioux logo with? I want a know who the Board of Higher Education is going to blame for the fall out that comes after they drop the Fighting Sioux logo. There will be a lot of fall out for dropping the Fighting Sioux logo. Who is the State Board of Higher Education going to throw under the bus? The political leadership did nothing to help with this situation either, the governor and team ND (aka the Three Amigos) were AWOL as well. This is what our University President had to say about the logo. All Robert Kelley sees the logo as nothing more than a controversy or a hindrance; this is why I am not for non North Dakota being in leadership positions at the University of North Dakota. I would really laugh if the University jumped through all of these hoops to get into the mediocre mid major that is the Summit League to only get told that they aren't accepted.

UND President Robert Kelley: In my conversations with many, but not all, the presidents of Summit League presidents' council, I believe we are in the best position we can possibly be at the present time, pending resolution of this controversy. All the things Mr. Faison said are absolutely true and I do believe that we would be welcomed in the Summit League based upon the conversations I've had with many of the members.

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