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January 24, 2010 1:00 PM

Hockey day: UND 3 - Cornell 1 - BSU 5 - UMD 4 in O.T.

Keeping with the spirit of the day (it was hockey day in Minnesota); today was one of the best days of hockey I have witnessed in a very long time. At noon I watched the Bruins game against the Senators, that game had a bad ending but still ended up being a pretty good hockey game.

After watching the Bruins stumble to the Ottawa Senators backstopped by former Badger Brian Elliot, I then watched the DU and Wisconsin game that I had saved on my DVR from last night. I have to give kudos to the NHL Network for putting that game on last night. The Badgers and Pioneers played to a 3-3 sister kissing. Then I went out and attempted to blow the slush out of my driveway.

Then I watched UND Fighting Sioux and Cornell Big Red game on the Cornell Webcast and I have to admit that the game tonight wasn't as good as light night's game. The game did have a happy ending and was a little better game to watch than last night trap feast.

After watching the UND and Cornell game I decided to spend the $7.00 and watch the BSU and UMD game on the B2 Network. Honestly, that game was one of the most exciting hockey games that I have seen in a very long time. BSU came back three times in the third and won the game in overtime. BSU scored a shorthanded goal, a power play goal and an even strength goal. It was a attack and counter attack game. I will take this type of a game anytime over a grind out defensive battle. The game winning goal by Jordan George was a thing of beauty; George spilt the UMD defensemen and scored to end the game just 36 seconds into overtime. [BSU - UMD box score]

How do you like the Beavers now?

I have been telling people all season long that BSU is a good hockey team, they are not over rated. I have been told by fans of WCHA teams that I am delussional and clueless for backing BSU. So now BSU is 3-0 against teams ranked in the top 5. What else do the Beavers have to do to get some respect? They Beavers just took two wins from a good Bulldog team, the second win was a hard fought gut it out win. Tonight was the first time I had ever listened to Bruce Ciskie on the radio and he said that he would love to see these two teams play for a regional championship in the Xcel Energy Center in March. It would be an exciting game.

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