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January 23, 2010 11:56 AM

NCAA Round Up: BSU Beavers whoop the UMD Bulldogs 4-1.

All season long I have been telling people that the Bemidji State University Beavers are a good hockey team and they are legit. I have posters repeatedly telling me that BSU is over rated and hasn't played anyone or anybody. I have told that BSU has a schedule full of cupcakes.

 I can refute that argument and say that these people don't know what they are talking about, in regards to BSU hockey. Bemidji State has a very good coach in Tom Serratore and he has his team well prepared and ready to play when the puck drops. Being in the CHA the Beavers coaching staff works very hard recruiting their players and has gotten the most out of their players. Within moving to the WCHA and having a new arena they will be able to compete with the other WCHA teams on a more even footing.

This season I have been called delusional for saying that the Beavers would whoop that Bulldog ass Friday night in Bemidji and they did. I was supposed to go to last night game but the weather didn't permit me from going to the game, apparently I made the right decision. I wish I could have seen the 4-1 dismantling that happened last night. A friend of mine called me up after the game and said it wasn't even close. So to the people that keep telling me that BSU is no good, overrated, haven't played anyone and is undeserving of their ranking what else do the Bemidji State University Beavers have to do to make you change your mind?

I mean seriously, in the calendar year BSU has beaten Miami, Notre Dame (last spring), Cornell (last spring), Air Force (x2) Northern Michigan, Minnesota and now UMD. Oh by the way NMU beat UMD. I also included Air Force because some thought they were so good last season. The AHA has an unimpressive record (0-6-1)against the CHA this season. Here are some of the comments that one certain person has put on my blog this season. This fan should be thankful the Beavers aren't playing the Huskies this season. This is also a fan of the SCSU Huskies who have never won an NCAA division one hockey game. The Beavers have more wins in the NCAA tourney than their team. Please tell me again who is overrated? Just for the Record the UMD Bulldogs are a good hockey team too.

WCHAdominates said... I have not seen the Beavers play in person or on tv at all this season, and there's good chance that won't happen unless they qualify for the NCAA tournament. While it may be true that they play a race horse style of hockey (which is also known as fire wagon hockey, up and down, etc) I find it extremely difficult to beliece that Niagara offers much resistance to it in any manner. It's like a single A high school team playing a double AA high school team: clearly there is a separable difference in talent and team quality. As long as they don't lose to the cup cakes they keep playing and go about .500 against the decent teams, they're going to put good pairwise rankings and a high spot in the poll. You failed to mention that they also lose one night later to lowly Ohio State after beating Miami. That clearly shows they're win over the Redhacks means almost nothing. Throwing every cup cake win out, they are 4-2 thus far against N. Michigan, Minnesota, Miami, and Ohio State. Those are the only ones that mean anything.
Here is another gem. Just for the Record RMU was the same team that beat Miami twice.
WCHAdominates said... Yes, the rest of the country will finally see how highly over ranked the Beavers are after beating up on Alabama Huntsville, Air Force, Northern Michigan, and Robert Morris. I don't know if if I've ever seen a team so over rated in the polls than Bemidji State has been this season. They have one decent win all season and they're ranked #6 in the country with 2 first place votes. Gimme a break!

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