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January 12, 2010 8:35 PM

The Miami swoon...

The Miami University RedHawks is a good hockey team went all the way to the Frozen Four last season. The RedHakws played in the final game before losing to the Boston University Terriers in the Championship game. Most teams including championshiop teams go through rough patches but the Miami University RedHawks 13-4-5 seem to fall off right after the Christmas holiday break. This year seems to be starting out the same way.

 A Look at the "Rico Swoon" (through the first ten games, post-holiday break)

1999-2000: 4-5-1
2000-2001: 6-4-0
2001-2002: 3-6-1
2002-2003: 3-6-1
2003-2004: 7-2-1 (NCAA Participant)
2004-2005: 5-4-1
2005-2006: 6-3-1 (CCHA Champions, NCAA Participant)
2006-2007: 3-4-3 (NCAA Participant)
2007-2008: 7-2-1 (NCAA Participant)
2008-2009: 4-5-1 (NCAA Championship Game)
2009-2010: 0-2 "?"
[The Brother Hood]

The RedHawks started the second half of this season getting swept by the CHA's RMU Colonials 5-12-3. I believe that the Miami RedHawks are going to be very happy to see the CHA get disbanded after this season because the RedHawks are 0-3 in nonconference games against the CHA this season. That being said the Miami RedHawks are still sitting pretty even after laying an egg this past weekend. Check out this blog post; talk abut blasting your favorite team.

BOTTOM LINE: Miami has had some embarrassing losses in previous seasons, but this weekend series may top them all. Robert Morris hadn't won a game since Nov. 13, and the RedHawks made this team look like the 1991-92 Pittsburgh Penguins.

Miami's new offensive strategy of pass-and-redirect-pass-to-the-defense worked to perfection on Sunday, squelching every chance the RedHawks had to gain the attacking zone. I can't remember Miami completing consecutive passes on the transition, and a team this talented should never have to resort to playing dump-and-chase on the power play.

There's absolutely no excuse to lose one of two, much less two, against a team that has one or two semi-talented skaters at best and a goalie who regularly floats 20 feet out of the crease for no reason.

And who decided four weeks off would be a good thing for Miami, considering its history? I realize the Ohio Hockey Classic is defunct and the team had four off weeks in its CCHA schedule, which it couldn't help, but seriously, the RedHawks couldn't get another weekend series in?

First thing I would tell this guy is get off the ledge. Talk about disrepecting your opponent after they have beaten your team twice. Seriously! After reading this post you would have thought that the Miami RedHawks were a bunch of talentless hacks sitting at the bottom of the CCHA and in danger of missing the NCAA tourney. Not so fast, Miami (10-1-3 and 13-4-5) is sitting second in the Pairwise rankings (which mimic the NCAA tourney selection) and tied for the lead in the CCHA with the Ferris State Bulldogs (10-2-2 and 16-4-2) with 34 points. Miami has some mojo even with the loss and can probably miss their conference tourney and still be a number one seed or high second seed in the NCAA tourney.

I have seen Miami play twice in person this season and they are the real deal, they are big, fast and buy into a defensive system. The RedHawks are coached by former RedHawk Enrico Blais who had an impressive 223-154-37 record. They may have lost a couple of games to an opponent that they should have beaten, there is still a lot of season left and no reason to get excited just yet.


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