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February 11, 2010 6:44 PM

McLeod said what?

I found this part of Brad's Thursday article to be interesting. When I read McLeod's quote it does nothing but make me furious. Nope! The league office isn't worried about this weekend's game in Saint Cloud, give me a break. So if the league office why are they summoning the head of officials Greg Shepherd and Marco Hunt and Derek Shepherd? I smell it and I don't believe them.

If you're not worried about this weekend's series why not let Don Adam and John Campion and or even Todd Anderson ref this series? I will answer that question, the league office doesn't want to see an a line brawl this weekend if any of the games get out of control.

In talking with a great Fighting Sioux hockey mind I predicted that we would probably see Derek Shepherd and Marco Hunt ref this series with Greg Shepherd looking one from the press box, and I was right. Like I said in the past Marco and Derek are the best of the worst and they need their most competent officials for this weekend's series and they can't take the risk letting some buffoon like Don Adam, Brian Thul or Scott Bokal. We have seen two UND players carried off the ice when Adam is officiating.

Western Collegiate Hockey Association commissioner Bruce McLeod says the league isn't worried about a possible incident in St. Cloud, but supervisor of officials Greg Shepherd is expected to be on hand for both games.

McLeod did say that the league will start considering lengthier suspensions for flagrant hits, though. The WCHA's standard has been handing out one-game suspensions, which is what Marvin got for his hit on Genoway.

In contrast, the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, in dealing with two recent illegal hits to the head, suspended one player for the entire season and another for 15 games.

McLeod said that the NCAA had a conference call after Marvin's hit on Genoway to clarify the rule and another one with the league's teams to warn them about a crackdown.

"(Longer suspensions) would definitely be a consideration after the warnings," McLeod said. "Knock on wood, we haven't had to deal with another one and hopefully we don't." [Grand Forks Herald]
Lastly, McLeod must have trouble with reading the rule book because the NCAA rules are pretty cut and dried; Hitting From behind are a point of emphasis. I don't need to listen to a conference call to be able to understand that. I would imagine that people that are hockey fanatics could understand the rules.

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