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February 11, 2010 6:49 PM

Will Marvin get his?

Well it's SCSU and UND week and this weekend's series has to potential to get really ugly, in fact the refs are sitting on a potential powder keg. We all know why? There is no question; Marvin's attempted decapitation on Chay Genoway in November was one of the dirtiest hits that I have seen since Geoff Paukovich tried to drive Robbie Bina through the boards at the 2005 Final Five. In my opinion the Marvin hit on Genoway has to be answered for, what Marvin did was a violation of the hockey code. I don't want to hear it was an accident, this gutless, dirty hit was a deliberate attempt to injure an opposition player. It is what it is, an illegal, gutless, brutal, bush-league hit, nothing else.

Watch the film, Marvin follows Genoway 185 feet all the way down the ice and looks for his chance to drive him into the boards, the fact that he hits him with an elbow, makes the more dirty. I am disappointed that Darcy Zajac had a chance to avenge the hit per the hockey code the night of the bush-league hit and didn't.

 The Paukovich hit went unanswered for in following season and that incident festered for 2 years. The right response in this situation is like what happened in the Trevor Bruess and Rylan Kaip fight. If Marvin is a man of honor and lives by the hockey code, if challenged, (I would be willing to bet he get's challenged) Marin will man up game one Friday night and get it over with or he can be punk like Paukovich and let it fester, run his mouth and hide behind the officials and hope they are able to rescue him. I agree with Brandon that I am sick and tired of reading on messages boards where SCSU fans are telling Sioux fans to get over it. The one that really chaps my ass is where I say some clown say since it was a UND player and since they play a psychical game Chay deserved it.

Let's put the shoe on the other foot imagine if one of the Sioux hockey player had driven Garrett Roe or Ryan Lasch's head into the boards, knocking him out for the season basically jeopardizing your season. Can you imagine the scene SCSU head coach Bob Motzko would have made if that had happened to one of his player, remember the scene made because one goal didn't go the way he thought it should. Marvin was given a flimsy one game suspension for a hit that warranted at minimum a 2-3 three game suspension and you would have no trouble making the argument for giving him at least a 5 game suspension. If the WCHA actually had some leadership that had a pair balls Marvin would have been given a suspension with some meat to it. The WCHA is culpable in this situation, the players will probably take justice into their own hands.

If this was the QMJHL Marvin would probably be sitting out for very long time, but since the WCHA's leadership are a bunch of walking buffoons they don't' see a need to protect the leagues players. Why should someone a top player choose the WCHA over the WHL if this kind of behavior is going to go unpunished, would you want your first round draft choice playing in the WCHA if you were a NHL GM?

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