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March 26, 2010 2:01 AM

Another disappointing season for David Fischer

This zinger was on the Minnesota Gopher's beat writers Roman Augustoviz's twitter. Holy cow! Check out this article the author of this article really dusted the Minnesota Golden Gopher's head coach Donny Lucia, and his coaching methodologies, in a way I feel sorry for him after reading this defiling. This wasn't a hit piece this was a drive by colonoscopy. Look at the schools that they say are good in the NCAA.
What future Canadian Reserve does its first-round pick in 2006, defenseman David Fischer?

The right arm of Pierre Gauthier and DG Hamilton Bulldogs, Julien Brisebois, not ruling last week can see Fischer joined the Bulldogs since his season with the Gophers at the University of Minnesota has concluded there are seven days.

But Pierre Gauthier has awarded PressThrough the VP Communications team Donald Beauchamp, the organization had until August 15 to sign a professional contract with Fischer, and that there was no hurry for now. Wait do we see what he can do at the camp's development team in July?

One could understand the Canadiens want to take his time. Fischer and the Gophers had another regular season. Offensively, the defender of 22 years has been poor as the rest of his team. He has amassed just six points in 39 games, seven points below the previous season, when he had yet played eight games less.

And if one relies on the analysis of two recruiters NHL teams interviewed in recent days, there is little hope for Fischer access to the NHL.

"It's not safe," says the first man who, like all scouts called to analyze the performance expectations of other clubs, asked not to be identified because their organization prohibits them from commenting publicly on players who not theirs.

"According to reports from our scouts, I do not think he can go to the NHL, he said. It is an AHL player. It lacks too many things: hockey sense, fighting, not to mention he has no great impact at the college. His talent is average, it has no dominant quality. There has been no progress over the years, or almost not. And it's very rare that a player can unlock after stagnating in the NCAA. There are exceptions. As Ryan Stoa, Avalanche, who just played in Minnesota. "

The second scout abounds in the same direction. "From what I saw of him and all the reports of scouts at our house - for I am informed regularly of his progress - for years, there is not much hope in his case. David Fischer is like a flat tire. It lacks a little of everything. It happens to all teams make mistakes. But we resumed elsewhere. The Canadiens are certainly pleased to be able to recover PK Subban who himself, is unanimity among all NHL scouts. "

Defending Fischer, the former scout says that the quality of education is poor in the Gophers. The future of coach Don Lucia is also questioned in the region. He is accused of not having been able to harness the potential of some of its best players, like Fischer, Patrick White (first choice of the Canucks, 25th overall in 2007) or Jordan Schroeder, another first-round pick of the Canucks (in 2009), whose performance rose from 45 to 28 points since last year.

"There's always a chance that more progress Fischer Hamilton Guy Boucher, a good coach, said the recruiter first. Coaching at the University of Minnesota is rotten. The head coach there is atrocious. "

The Gophers have still produced good players for the NHL over the years. Defensemen Keith Ballard, Paul Martin and Alex Goligoski stayed several years and they have progressed. Erik Johnson was not there when the Blues have drafted in the first place in 2006, and there remained only one year after the draft. Ditto for Phil Kessel. Kyle Okposo has left the club early in his second season, as Jim O'Brien, the first choice of Senators in 2007. Thomas Vanek remained there two years before making his professional debut in the organization of the Buffalo Sabers. Blake Wheeler has spent four years and its growth was slow before taking his place with the Boston Bruins.

"This is not only in Minnesota, said second recruiter. I recently attended a game between Notre Dame and Michigan State, it was terrible. There was no talent. No markers, no guards. I'm not saying it never comes out, but nobody was impressive. There are still good programs in the NCAA: Michigan, Boston University, Boston College, Wisconsin, North Dakota. But the best place for a young person who wants access to the NHL, it is the junior leagues. It's professional. Unless the young player is not ready physically, as is the case with Louis Leblanc. He decided to study and grow. Ultimately, it will not prevent him from making his way. It will perhaps take him a year older. But physically, he is so not ready. "

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