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March 23, 2010 12:25 PM

Everyone is picking on the poor Gophers

I would have to admit that I have enjoyed or probably reveled in the Gophers' troubles. In fact I have enjoyed watching the implosion. They have no one to blame but themselves. The coach they should have forced out was John Hill and not Mike Guentzel I don't think it's a mystery why the Gophers have stumbled. Also, contrary to public belief the WCHA Final Five made it without the Golden Gophers in attendence this past weekend, people still showed up to the games without you.


It almost seems some people revel in the Gophers' troubles. And they have had plenty the past three seasons.

On Friday, several people in the press box at the Xcel told me that sophomore defenseman Aaron Ness had signed with the New York Islanders. That would have been another body blow.

Checked my sources, finally reached his dad who insisted Ness is coming back. This is at least the second Ness rumor I have had to follow. Shortly after sophomore defenseman Sam Lofquist left, there were reports Jordan Schroeder would be turning pro and Ness would transfer to North Dakota.

Not sure if it's because the U has had so much success, or maybe people dislike Don Lucia, but there seem to be those hoping it all blows up. As for Ness, young men change their minds. I believe his dad. I have no reason not to. But if Ness left in the offseason, it would not be a huge surprise as long as Garth Snow remains the New York Islanders general manager.

He ripped Lucia on the development of his players two seasons ago when Kyle Okposo signed with the Isles at the holiday break. [Goal Gophers]

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