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March 14, 2010 3:40 PM

Jordan Schroeder watch...

Since the Gophers season will end tonight or next week in the latest, I wanted to start a Jordan Schroeder watch. Here is my question; if Schroeder's team is eliminated tonight will he be on the plane to Vancouver from Grand Forks, ND. Will call on the cell phone come from his agent? Will the contract be sitting in the fax machine in the Gophers locker room when that elimination game is over. The Jordan Schroeder watch is officially on.

Jordan Schroeder's Golden Gopher squad is in tough tough in the playoffs against North Dakota, losing the first game in the best-of-three series 6-0, and may be available in a matter of days. His numbers have dropped between last year and this one (45 points to 27), but remember that this is University level hockey, and dramatic swings between seasons are commonplace as the teams change composition every year. Plus, even with the fall in scoring, he leads the Gophers in points despite missing two games this season; he has ten points in 34 games on the power play; he's over .500 in face offs and he was given an "A" this season.

The black mark against him is his size: but even at (a somewhat generous) 5'8", he's very strong on the puck and has a heavy wrist shot, even if he doesn't use it enough. He'll have to get his mindset away from passing and into scoring, but once he does he's going to be just deadly. Bring him up and let him try![Nuck Misconduct]

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