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March 7, 2010 11:41 AM

Sioux 3 Huskies 2

First off; some house keeping details to end the regular season, for the SCSU fans that were beating/thumping their chest about UND being behind SCSU in every poll, blah, blah, blah, the Fighting Sioux have the same record as the Huskies and are ahead of the Huskies more important Pair Wise Rankings.

5 North Dakota 19 0.5540 20-11-5 0.6250 Mar 6 MTech
6 St Cloud St 18 0.5511 20-11-5 0.6250 Mar 6 Mankato

Sioux come out flat

The Fighting Sioux hockey team are riding a seven game winning streak but tonight the looked as if they were trying to hand the game to the MTU Huskies early and were very lucky to get a win against the 5-28-1 MTU Huskies. You would have thought it was the Fighting Sioux that had the 5-28-1 record. It's imperative that the Sioux not play like this next weekend if they want to advance to the Final Five, anything less than a 100 percent effort would be unadvisable and unacceptable.

A few things that I saw tonight were the Sioux didn't move their feet to start the game and looked a little sluggish. You have to wonder if they took the Huskies lightly or they just didn't have their "A" game tonight. Also, there were a few times where the Sioux didn't get the puck deep and that could come back to haunt them in the playoffs if they don't right that ship in a quick hurry. Also, you cannot let the offensive player go untested in the slot, which is what happened on the second MTU Husky goal.

Stay out of the penalty box

The MTU Huskies came into the game with a national ranking of 46th over all on the power play and they ended up going 2-5 while the Fighting Sioux went 0-7. Tonight I thought the Fighting Sioux lacked discipline and took some really stupid unnecessary penalties. Taking three straight penalties is no way to start a hockey game and likened to playing with an open flame in a meth lab.

Up next for the Fighting Sioux is the not so Golden Gophers 16-17-2, UND is 6-0 all time against the Gophers in the WCHA playoffs in Grand Forks, ND. In the last 14 games against the Gophers, the UND Fighting Sioux are 8-3-3, six of these games have gone to over time.

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