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March 6, 2010 2:52 PM

Derek Boogaard hit on Ryan Jones


This was the hit that had the Internet buzzing last night before I went to bed. Being a Wild fan I have to admit it's really an unnecessary hit that Boogaard didn't need to make. According to Mike Russo the Boogieman has already had a conference call with league executive Mike Murphy this morning meaning we will probably be seeing a spin of the Colin Campbell wheel of justice. Since Boogaard is a one dimensional goon and a repeat offender the league will probably throw the book at him and they should.


The Beat writer David Staples for the Edmonton Oilers isn't all that impressed with Derek Boogaard as well. Check out his thoughts about Boogaard in last night's blog post.

So it happened again, just as it's happened so many times with Derek Boogaard and an Edmonton Oiler, Boogaard -- the very definition of a goon hockey player -- making an illegal hit and almost crippling Edmonton winger Ryan Jones.

This wasn't a hockey play, this was a crime on ice, the kind Boogaard is known for, and the kind he will continue to commit in NHL rinks until some player gets badly injured and decides to sue Boogaard, his coach, his franchise and the NHL.

 All of them are complicit in Boogaard's ongoing, illegal on-ice violence. Why do I say that? Because each time Boogaard maims someone, or comes close to maiming them, he is not handed the kind of sentence that might stop him from maiming again. Last year he got five games for an atrocious elbow to the head of Brandon Prust. He should have been suspended for the season for that vicious late hit, another evident intent to injure [Edmonton Journal]

Here is an reoccurring argument that I have seen before about players like Derek Boogaard they don't play very good hockey and they are basically one dimensional players, one could call them fighters on skates, albeit not very good skaters either. I find these comments interesting since the Oiler have their own verision of Boogaard in Zack Stortini who is a little more talented and has 118 minutes in penalties and has been in 13 fights this season.

There should be no place in hockey for the likes of Boogaard. In 243 career NHL games, he has two goals, 14 points and 527 penalty minutes. He is not a player who can fight, he's a fighter who can't play. He's so lame on the ice that in three years of major junior play he only scored two goals. His only job is to intimidate, threaten, beat and maim. Will the NHL review this kneeing of Jones and give Boogaard a good, long suspension?

The rest of the season is certainly in order for such a blatant attempt to injure. I'm certainly not holding my breath. If there's one thing that the NHL is, it's soft on crime. P.S. Boogaard's explanation after the game to Joanne Ireland of the Journal: "I was just trying to make a hit and he slipped out of the way."

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