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March 25, 2010 3:55 PM

UAH; getting you up to speed.

Picture from Save UAH Hockey Last summer and last fall I wrote a few articles about UAH Chargers and their not being accepted to the CCHA. Since UAH has made the NCAA tourney I thought maybe I would bring up a few of the blog posts that I wrote last summer on the issue, Goon's World is a fan UAH and wants only the best for this program. I also think people have short memories or are revisionists when it comes to history and this should refresh people's memories. I have said it more than once that the reason they were snubbed were flimsy at best and stunk of elitism. Like I said before when UAH was rejected that I smelled bullshit and I still do. Ironically UAH begins the season with Notre Dame (which isn't in the tourney ) and draws Miami University which is 0-3-0 against the CHA teams this season.

The CHA argument.

I was thinking about the CHA and its 11 years of existence. Unfortunately the CHA will disband after 11 seasons of play. With the CHA disbanding, BSU will head to the WCHA, Niagara University and Robert Morris University will head to the AHA, and the University of Alabama Huntsville will head to the independent ranks after being snubbed by the CCHA with what appears to be some flimsy reasoning. To show the CCHA they made a horrible mistake, the Chargers went out and beat the Fighting Irish to open the season... [Illegal Curve]

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Here is another great article by Tim Schmitt of the Niagara Gazette. I think there are some really good points to this article. It's funny that after almost one week we still really have only have on record UAF A.D. Forrest Karr comments about 'some of the CCHA schools having concerns about UAH's lack of commitment, location and wanting to shore up the other CCHA schools first' Yeah! A week later it still sounds pretty weak to me and I know I am not alone. Finally, I am not sure that college hockey is to this point though, when Schmitt says that "the NCAA needs to step in and reorganize the sport's governing board and insist that the game is bigger than any one school's financial well-being." While I do agree with that philosophy, I doubt the NCAA would ever step in and do that. For the most part the NC$$ kind of takes a laissez-faire approach when dealing with member schools. Nor would I want the NCAA to step in.

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I still smell B.S. [Click to read]

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This was an article that I wrote last summer that refuted the driving/flying distance argument.

Flying driving to Omaha Nebraska? There isn't much of a difference in mileage. One could make the argument that UNO is a lot closer to the schools in the WCHA than the CCHA. I checked the mileage on a few of the distances of travel and this is what I came up with for distances to UAH. I don't buy that argument. That isn't the reason for not allowing UAH or it's not a very good one.

UM - UAH 651 miles

BGSU - UAH 585 miles

OSU - UAH 510 miles

MSU - UAH 672 miles

NMU - UAH 990 miles

ND - UAH 560 miles

LSSU - UAH 951 miles

NMU - UAH 657 miles

MU - UAH 442 miles

UAF - UAH 4137 miles

FSU - UAH 768 miles

Here is the distances from UNO to the various schools in the CCHA.

NMU - UNO 684 miles

UNO - MSU 672 miles

UNO - UM 692 miles

UNO - UMiami 707 miles

UNO - UAF 3270 miles

UNO - NMU 765 miles

UNO - FSU 684 Miles

UNO - ND 545 miles

UNO - OSU 781 miles

UNO - LSSU 903 miles

UNO - WMU 597 miles

[Goon's World - UAH travel distances]

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