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April 8, 2010 11:35 PM

It's all about the Summit league


I am sure people all over the country are inspired by UND President Robert Kelley's leadership, yeah probably not. I can't believe he is this bold. Basically he sold our sole for the Summit League. If you think I am wrong check out his statement quoted below. It's all about the Summit league. We are changing our name for a chance to play Oakland University in basketball. Yippee!

Way to fight for the Fighting Sioux name. Oh that's right; you didn't go to UND so you have no emotional attachment to the Fighting Sioux name. It's time to get a president that has ties to North Dakota and the University of North Dakota. Enough of the stuffed shirts that have no connection to the University. I would be willing to bet that Kelly was giddy as hell when he made that statement. I would actually waited on that declaration.

Kelley said that people "all over the country are watching to see how we handle this," including thousands of UND alumni. Noting that many alumni are passionate about the logo and nickname, he said they also have proven to be "very resilient." Kelley said he will call the commissioner of the Summit League Friday morning "and say the board finally acted." He said he hopes that "puts us into the game (Summit League membership) no later than 2013." [Grand Forks Herald]
Press Conference tomorrow on the Nickname.
MAYVILLE, N.D. -- The North Dakota State Board of Higher Education has decuded to retire the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux nickname and logo. The State Board directed UND President Dr. Robert Kelley to begin the transition process immediately. However, UND's athletics teams will remain the Fighting Sioux for the 2010-11 season. UND athletics will hold a press conference at 9 a.m. on Friday to address today's decision. Attendees will include UND director of athletics Brian Faison, men's hockey coach Dave Hakstol, football coach Chris Mussman, men's basketball coach Brian Jones and women's basketball Gene Roebuck.

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