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April 25, 2010 5:16 PM

Marian Hossa hit on Dan Hamhuis

This is the latest controversy in the NHL. I saw the hit and while it's a bad hit there is no question and I don't condone it one bit, I am not sure that the hit in question is as bad as the Alexander Ovechkin hit on Brian Campbell. Brian Campbell went more violently face first into the boards than the Hamhuis hit. Just my humble opinion, don't take my head off. There are a lot of people that are upset that Hossa wasn't thrown out of the game and given a match penalty and Predators fans are even more unhappy that Marian Hossa scored the game winning goal. Will the league suspend Hossa? I don't know? The league doesn't have much time to make a decision, the Hawks play again Monday. Hossa doesn't have a history of dirty hits or questionable play. So who knows where the Colin Campbell Wheel of Justice will land. Personally I don't think the play rises to the level where it deserves a suspension. Not every major penalty deserves a suspension.

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