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May 13, 2010 2:44 PM

The Claude Julien Spin; the winner moves on...

Wow! That's profound, the winner moves on. As a Bruins fan I am not a happy camper this morning, the Bruins are very close to being the only the third team to lose a series after being up 3-0. I think if the Boston Bruins lose this series the GM and the head coach should be gone.

This team needs a shake up in a bad way, this team is stagnant and diseased. The Bruins are playing way too conservative and they need to get a lead in the next game or they are done, they have no answers for the Flyers if they get behind.

Last night's the Bruins effort was putrid and unacceptable until the Hapless Bad News Bears decided to play the last two minutes of the third period. You can not win a hockey game when you don't play for the first. Philly was good and they were on top of the Bruins all night, especially when they were killing a penalty.

This statement by Shawn Thornton disturbs me.
Said Shawn Thornton: "I'd much rather be going back to Boston for Game 7 than coming here. We'll leave it all out there (tomorrow) night, and we'll see what happens."
The Bruins has three opportunites to end this series and failed. Now they want to leave it on the ice in game seven? Unacceptable.

Lots of passengers on the B's

Daniel Paille - 1 assist in the last 5 games. That's unacceptable, time to send Buffalo's first round bust to the wavier wire/unemployment line when the season is over.

Miroslav Satan - no points in three games, I would like to see his funny dance sometime soon again. All of a sudden the last three games is looking 35 and slow.

Blake Wheeler - hands of stone and worthless inside the slot, couldn't score in a brothel. RFA in the off season, I would like to see if the Bruins can trade him for a first or second round draft choice that might actually play every game instead of disappearing for periods of time. Ironically Wheelers Plays just like he did when he was with the Gophers, has a good game and then is invisible the next four games. The last three games Wheeler is (0g-1a-1pts) and a minus -2. That is unacceptable.

Patrice Bergeron - the Bruins leading scorer has been held pointless in the last two games. For the Bruins to be successful Bergy has to be a leader and make plays.

Michael Ryder - has been unimpressive, invisible and brutal are the three words that I would use to explain his play. The Bruins couldn't get a bag of game used pucks for him right now. Ryder has a paltry one goal in the last five games. Yeah! That's right! Ryder has been utterly worthless...

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