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June 14, 2010 12:19 PM

Putting a face on the NCAA Ice Hockey Rules Comittee

Here are the people that are responsible for making those horrible rule changes to division on hockey. Email them and let them know that you don't appreciate their latest work on the ice hockey committee.

Assistant Ice Hockey Coach, John Hill UMTC, WCHA,
Asst. AD Sarah Fraser, Brown University, ECAC
Head Men's Ice Hockey Coach, Derek Schooley, RMU AHA,
Director of Athletics, Ed McLaughlin, Niagara University AHA, P: (716)-286-8600
Director of Athletics, Forrest Karr, UAF CCHA,
Director of Athletics/Head Coach, Chris Salani, Finlandia University,
Director of Athletics, Frank Millerick, Becker College,
Associate Director of Athletics, William Gorman, WIT,
Head Ice Hockey Coach, Michael J. Carroll, Gustavus Adolphus College,
Head Women's Ice Hockey Coach, Robert Christopher Wells, SLU,
Head Women's Ice Hockey Coach, William E. Mandigo, Middlebury College,
Head Women's Ice hockey coach, Claudia Asano, Union College,

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