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June 15, 2010 12:12 PM

The Wheels are moving forward in response to the NCAA Rules Committee Proposals

This was in today's Grand Forks Herald and worth a look if you have seen it yet. I am glad that the coaches are not going to let this ridiculous icing rule go through without putting up a fight.
College hockey coaches and commissioners will ask the NCAA Rules Committee in a conference call later this week to overturn the proposed rule that would not allow a shorthanded team to ice the puck.

The Rules Committee surprised the college hockey world Friday by announcing that the new icing rule was planned for the next two seasons.

An oversight committee still needs to approve the proposal next month in order for it to go into effect, but the coaches and commissioners are taking action before it gets that far.

"We're trying to figure out, before it goes to the oversight committee, if there's recourse or if there can be a re-vote based on the merits of the argument that we'd like to put forward," Western Collegiate Hockey Association commissioner Bruce McLeod said. "Hopefully, we have some recourse."

McLeod said the commissioners hope to schedule a conference call with a Rules Committee representative later in the week.

If the Rules Committee is unable to completely overturn the proposal, coaches and commissioners will ask that the language be changed to allow it on an experimental basis during exhibition games, but not for regular-season games.

The proposed icing rule was brought up during the annual coaches meetings in April. The WCHA men's coaches voted 12-0 against it. Atlantic Hockey voted 12-0 against it and the Central Collegiate Hockey Association voted 11-0 against it. Because of the heavy opposition, coaches were shocked by Friday's announcement. [Read the whole article]

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