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June 14, 2010 1:28 PM

We can't let this stand; NCAA Ice Hockey Rules Committee dead wrong

The NCAA ice hockey rules committee's proposed some rules changes for the 2010-11 season that have not been well received by the fans and or coaches. In fact the proposed rule changes have many of us scratching our heads. Personally, I have a lot of feeling regarding these changes; many of them are in coarse/foul language so I won't post them here. I posted a list of the names and their email addresses in a previous blog post of the morons people that are responsible for this travesty.

Feel free to send them an email and tell them how you feel about their moronic changes that they have proposed to our great sport of college hockey. I would refrain from using demeaning language or swearing at them. Just tell them that you don't appreciate what they have proposed to the great game of college hockey. All kidding aside and shooting from the hip these people have proposed changes that will ruin our great game of college hockey, the status quo was fine, these proposed changes are horrible/brutal and these people need to be kicked off of the NCAA Ice Hockey Rules Committee before they do anymore unbearable damage to the game of hockey.

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