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December 24, 2010 3:21 PM

Bruins line brawl... Lucic has hearing on Sunday

Wow what a game! Shawn Thornton and Eric Boulton started the game by dropping the gloves and fighting. I think this could turn into a pretty good rivalry. This is my definition of a good old fashioned line brawl or Donny Brook and what a marvelous way to end a hockey game. I think that Milan Lucic reacted in the right manner the Trasher's Freddy Meyer hit Milan Lucic up high with a questionable hit to the head and kudos to the Boston Bruins for sticking up for their teammate. The league will review this play and possibly give Lucic a couple game suspension, in this situation I think this dirty hit had to be answered for so I think the consequences of the reaction to the hit are worth it... It's nice to know if someone cheap shots one of the Boston Bruins that a teammate is going to have their back. Meyer will think twice about hitting Lucic or another Bruins like that again.
Boston Globe --- Last night in the third period, Andrew Ference was a step behind Milan Lucic when the left wing got popped under the chin by Freddy Meyer. Naturally, with one of the best views in TD Garden of the play, Ference's first reaction was to shed his gloves, grab Meyer, and let the Atlanta defenseman know such hits would not be tolerated. "It was a high hit. Without a doubt,'' said Ference. "Looch is going down the boards. I was following right behind him, so I had a really good view of it. The guy just put his stick and his hands right in Looch's head. It's a high hit. No question about it.''
If you hit someone in the head like Meyer did you're going to get this type of a reaction. This is how the Boston Bruins needed to respond to the Freddy Meyer hit. Edit: Milan Lucic will have a disciplinary hearing with the NHL on Boxing Day (Sunday) to see if he will receive any punishment for his beat down on Meyer. One thing that did concern me from this scrum was Marc Savard getting into a fight, that's one thing the Boston Bruins do not need, one of their top forwards who's had concussion problems squaring off in a fight. In my opinion it was an ill advised move on Savard's part. Thank God he wasn't hurt... Cross Posted at Goon's World...

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