Thin Ice

November 17, 2009 1:44 PM

Tavares everything we hoped for

John Tavares leads the Islanders with 19 points and is second with nine goals through the first quarter of the season. Every Islanders fan was hoping for something like that and he has not disappointed.

The best part is that he's quiet and lethal. He scores when you least expect it, and manages to get the job done when the spotlight is shining. Right now, he's the clear leader in the NHL's rookie of the year run. 

He's disciplined, too, and has just four penalty minutes so far. 

Though 21 games is a short time to judge any athlete, Tavares is right on track with leading this team back in the right direction. It's no coincidence that the Islanders are tied for third in the division with Philly and the Rangers. They're also only five points out of first and second place, too. Things should get interesting down the stretch.

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