Through the 5 Hole

August 25, 2009 6:41 PM

Welcome to Through the 5 Hole

Welcome, hockey aficionados, to my new blog.
I'll attempt to keep you posted on news from around the NHL, and include as many rumors and quirky items as possible. I'll offer opinions and analysis on various hockey-related topics and try to have some fun.
Professional sports should be about entertainment, after all, even if the outcome of a game can seem to have life-or-death ramifications at times.
Hey, I'm a fan, too, so I know all about that.
Some interesting questions:

  • Are the Penguins on the verge of starting a dynasty?
  • Can the Red Wings bounce back after blowing the Stanley Cup Finals?
  • Will the Senators finally trade Dany Heatley?
  • How will the Avalanche, coming off a disastrous season, fare without Joe Sakic?
  • Who will emerge as 2010 Olympic champion?
  • How long will the Coyotes remain in Arizona?
  • Will a Canadian-based team finally capture the Cup for the first time since 1993?
Just a few things to ponder as we await the start of training camps.

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