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June 6, 2009 12:14 AM

Good Night, and Good Luck.


As I sit and watch Justin Verlander carve up the Anaheim Angels, I continue to think about the future of Trumbull and Michigan. When I started this site, I simply wanted an outlet to talk about the Tigers. Living in Orlando, it is difficult to find anyone who follows anyone other than the Red Sox or Yankees. Even Rays fans are few and far between. This is just not a place for a die-hard Tiger fan.

But every day it gets harder to keep up with the site. My film degree beckons me to try and pursue my career on a more daily basis. Working at a bar not only takes up even more of my week, but also makes it very difficult to watch any games live, and more often than not I am watching a reply of the game when I get home after midnight. It is very hard for my to keep up with the Bless You Boys  and Detroit Tigers Weblog's of the world. Writing has become more of a burden than an outlet.

Because of this, I am putting Trumbull and Michigan on hold.

Hopefully when I get my life in more of a simple schedule (read: when I stop working at the bar and get a "big boy job.") I can start again.

Thank you to everyone who has read, commented and contributed to T&M. I will be back.

Go Tigers.

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