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July 24, 2009 4:15 PM

Detroit Tigers = Swiss Cheese.

550px-NCI_swiss_cheese.jpg in they're full of holes.

It would be really great if I could take today's win and believe that it is the beginning of an offensive turnaround, but I just can't. I can't take too much stock in the fact that the Tigers posted double-digit hits, or that they put up 5 runs. The hits were cheap. Raburn blooped in a double, Everett hit a slap-bunt over the infield and even when Miguel Cabrera hit a double into the gap he looked like he was surprised he made contact. Oooooh, this is what a double feels like. 

Dear extra base hit, 

I know we have been apart for some time, but I promise I will try and dedicate some more of myself to you. I have just been really busy aiming for the seats. 


Curtis Granderson

Clete Thomas hitting in the three-hole is just not doing it for me. We need another bat.I know yesterday I mentioned I thought an arm was more important, but I am a fickle dude. 

The one point that surprised me today and really made me glow with rays of joy was Jim Leyland remembering how to manufacture a run. Dude used to manage in the National League, how is it that we're near the bottom in stolen bases? We manufacture runs the way Manny Ramirez avoids steroids, which is not much. The suicide squeeze had me jumping around the living room in exuberance. (Thats a lie, my father can attest to the fact that I did nothing more than make a snide comment and lift my fist in a celebratory fashion, but the feeling was there.) 

Make some more things happen on the bases! The Tigers have some speed, albeit not much. You see what happens when they put the thought in opposing teams heads. As a catcher myself, I can tell you firsthand that baserunners make defenses unhappy. Baserunners who may actually attempt to steal make defenses very, very unhappy. It causes the pitcher/catcher to start calling more fastballs, and more balls over the plate, which leads to more hits. Its simple science - or math, or...its simple. 

Regardless, Justin Verlander did his part in convincing me he is the offspring of Zues and Sandy Koufax. I enjoyed the win. I can't wait to see Eddie Bonine carve up the Wrong Sox tonight. I really wish I could buy into what I just said too.

Baseball was fun today. Let's keep it up, shall we. 

P.S. - Adam Dunn anyone?


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