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July 31, 2009 5:37 PM

How does Seattle feel?

Today the Tigers acquired Jarrod Washburn, solidifying their rotation as one of the best in the American League. As a fan, I am thrilled that we only had to give up Luke French essentially. Texting my father and Ian of Bless You Boys immediately after hearing, I learned that they too feel the same. As of right now, I am yet to hear of anyone who feels that the Tigers overpayed, or didn't receive the solid arm they were looking for.

So how do Mariners fans feel about this?

Jeff over at Lookout Landing is fairly ecstatic at what they got in return. 

As for the return...well, what a return. We'll start with Luke French. French never really impressed a whole lot early on in his professional career, but this year something changed and his numbers took off. Facing the highest levels of competition he's ever seen, French chopped his walk rate and started to strike some batters out, turning him from generic lefty prospect to prospect with upside. No, his ceiling isn't very high. Lefties who top out around 91 without any extraordinary secondary offerings don't turn into big league stoppers very often. But what French gives us is a lefty who throws more strikes and misses more bats than Jarrod Washburn right now, and he's under cheap team control for another six years. Six years! For all those people who wanted to see Washburn get an extension - he kind of just did, for six years and little money, with the only catch being that he also becomes more than a decade younger.

Over at U.S.S. Mariner also does not feel slighted in the least.

French will probably never be an all-star, but as more depth for the back-end of the rotation, and a guy who should benefit greatly from the context he's coming to, you should be quite happy with the return.

Pro Ball NW, although not blown away, feels the deal is "solid."

At first I was a little disappointed with the haul, but that may have been my own fault for thinking Washburn held more value than he did.  This is a very solid deal.
The Mariners received two left handed pitchers in return for Washburn.
Luke French is holding his own in his first big league stint.  Decent command of 88-92 heater, okay slider and plus change. 

It's not too often that you see a trade this well received on both sides. I still think we made out fairly well.


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