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August 27, 2009 11:24 AM

Nate Robertson Already Rewarded The Loss For Saturday.

Time play the "which would you rather have?" game.

In a the bottom of the ninth with the winning run on second, would you rather have Placido Polanco or Miguel Cabrera at the plate? Would you prefer to be really good looking with no money, or very wealthy and quite ugly? Would you rather have syphilis or herpes? Would you rather get hit by a bus or a train?

Would you rather Armando Galarraga or Nate Robertson start for the Tigers on Saturday?

If you haven't already heard, I apologize for being the one to give you such terrible nightmares, but Nate Robertson will toe the rubber for the playoff contending Detroit Tigers on Saturday against the Tampa Bay Rays. Let me repeat that. Nate Robertson and his 7.71 ERA will throw against a highly energized, youthful and powerful Tampa Bay Rays team, that is also searching for a playoff spot. 

This is the same Nate Robertson who was demoted from the rotation earlier this year at a time when Dontrelle Willis was still being considered a viable option.

So let me figure this out. Dontrelle Willis is a better option than Nate Robertson, but Nate Robertson is a beter option that Armando Galarraga? Is this a "which would you rather have?" question with no answer? Is it like choosing chicken or fish on an international flight? Are the Tigers doomed either way?

A better and more interesting question may be, however, if Nate gets lit up like one of Jim Leyland's marlboros, could this be the end of the line? Is this the final test? Will Nate Robertson suffer the same fate as Gary Sheffield and be given his release someday soon? Am I rambling and asking a lot of questions out of sheer confusedness at the unfathomable situation I see approaching? You bet.

Stay tuned. You might get to see a free fireworks show at Comerica on Saturday.



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