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February 26, 2013 10:50 PM

RCS Morning News: Indiana falls to Minnesota, top Combine performers, and McIlroy's in a skid


March Madness

Indiana lost to Minnesota, 77-73, on Tuesday night. It was a big blow to the top-ranked team, but the Hoosiers are still a one seed, writes Ryan Fagan at Sporting News. According to Jeff Eisenberg at Yahoo! Sports' the Dagger, " what watching Indiana get outplayed on the road does more than anything is reinforce the notion that there's no dominant team this season in college basketball.

And for the big conference bubble teams eyeing that field of 65, things aren't looking so good. They're in for a shock, says Andy Glockner at Sports Illustrated, because the Mountain West and Atlantic 10 will soak up the bids.

NFL Combine

RCS staff takes a look at the NFL Combine and picks the top 10 all-time performers at the tryout. Among them: John Engelberger in 2000, Vernon Davis in 2006, and more. Was Texas' Marquise Goodwin's 4.27 40-yard dash time good enough to get him on the list?

At the Chicago Sun-Times, Rick Morrissey takes a look at the swirling questions around Manti Te'o and wonders, why do people care so much whether Te'o is gay or not? The linebacker has already answered the question, but it still lingers. But, Morrissey says, Te'o's ability, not sexuality, should matter most.

Current wisdom says this draft class will be weak at the quarterback position, but what positions will be strong? Jarrett Bell at USA Today writes that this year, linemen will be in high demand. And at, Bucky Brooks breaks down an "impressive collection of defensive backs." Of those defensive backs, Dee Milliner is poised for a big payday.

Other Top Stories

Since making the switch to Nike, things have been rough for Rory McIlroy. Greg Stoda at the Palm Beach Post says McIlroy is in a skid, but let's take him at his word that it's not owed to the equipment change.

Indiana's Roy Hibbert started throwing punches during the Pacers' game against Golden State. Fortunately, the ensuing brawl was tame compared to other NBA fights.

Nick Saban "offered" a scholarship to a 14-year-old, and  Kevin Scarbinsky at the Birmingham News says the tactic was elementary.


Minnesota fans rushed the court after the Golden Gophers knocked off the top-ranked Indiana Hoosiers:

Also... Roy Hibbert incited a brawl between the Pacers and the Warriors.

Tennessee upset the eighth-ranked Florida Gators.

And no. 17 Wisconsin crushed Nebraska, 77-46.

Three for Seven

The three most popular stories on RealClearSports for the past seven days. (Previous position-days on chart.)

1. Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel thinks NASCAR needed Danica, not Jimmie, to win the Daytona 500. (1-2)

2. Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports writes that even though Matt Barkley's at the Combine, he's done. (2-3)

3. Gerry Callahan at the Boston Herald says with his new deal, Brady shows he's the ultimate team player. (NA-1)

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