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February 4, 2013 11:00 PM

RCS Morning News: It's never too early for next season's NFL top 10


Now that the Super Bowl's done, Scott Kacsmar at NBC Sports has next season's NFL top 10

The Ravens won the game, but the real winner is MVP Joe Flacco, likely to earn a $100 million contract this offseason. In other Super Bowl wrap-up, Will Leitch writes for Sports on Earth about the failure of announcer intellect during the third-quarter power outage. And one other lesson from the Super Bowl: special teams really are

The 49ers weren't the only team that didn't win the Super Bowl. Dallas only has one playoff win in the last 18 years. Buck Harvey, at San Antonio Express-News, says the Cowboys could be losing a generation of fans.


LeBron turned in a one-miss performance against the Charlotte Bobcats, hitting a (duh) career-best 92.9% from the floor.

Players union chief Billy Hunter's future could be in doubt. Ken Berger at CBS Sports reports that Don Fehr is being floated as a possible successor.

Other Top Stories

History says that Tiger and Phil could dominate in 2013.

In continued Big Ten realignment, Ohio State and Michigan deserve each other's company.


Tyson Chandler pulled down 20 rebounds for the Knicks, doing so for his third-straight game.


LaMarcus Aldridge had a double-double as Portland held off a late surge from Minnesota.

Indiana Pacers' Paul George threw down a nasty reverse dunk on an alley-oop against Chicago.

Three for Seven

(The three most popular stories on RealClearSports for the past seven days.)

1. Drew Magary at Deadspin explains why Ray Lewis deserves your scorn.

2. Do you believe Peterson's or Lewis's comebacks? Bill Simmons at Grantland doesn't.

3. Tyler Kepner at the New York Times says A-Rod's stay in New York is all but over.

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