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February 19, 2013 12:04 AM

RCS Morning News: Jerry Buss' passing, Hamilton disses Dallas, and the NFL Combine approaches


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News broke Monday morning of the passing of former Lakers' owner Jerry Buss. 80 years old, Buss won 10 NBA championships and signed players from Magic Johnson to Kobe Bryant. At the LA Times, Bill Plaschke writes of Buss' legacy: "It is a legacy of family, of success, of love for the city of Los Angeles, which loved Jerry Buss back and will miss him dearly."

With Buss' passing came talk of "winningest owner ever." RealClearSports investigated to find out just who is the real winningest owner of all time?

Josh Hamilton, after five years of stardom with the Texas Rangers, ripped Dallas from his new $125 million perch in Anaheim. Said the slugger, "there are true baseball fans [in Dallas-Fort Worth], but it's not a true baseball town." Hey, writes Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News, who's really the spoiled one here?

With the NFL Combine coming up, things are starting to heat up for Manti Te'o, who is sure to be under pressure during interviews. Jim Corbett at USA Today writes that Te'o believes his draft stock is still solid. Other players in the spotlight, such as Geno Smith, Robert Woods, Le'Veon Bell, and others, can be evaluated for NFL success through comparisons. Says Bucky Brooks at, it's Sam Bradford, Reggie Wayne, and Steven Jackson, respectively.


Notre Dame and Pitt trudged their way to a ridiculous 51-42 final score, with the Irish on top:

Also... the NHL's Anaheim Ducks won their fifth-straight with a 3-2 victory against Columbus.

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