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February 19, 2013 10:58 PM

RCS Morning News: Pistorius as O.J., Lance divides Austin, and LeBron vs... Paul George?


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"There is no sufficient way to explain the paranoia about home security that grips average South Africans, except to say that fear animates much of their lives." That's Cathal Kelly of the Toronto Star explaining how Oscar Pistorius' dubious explanation for why he shot girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp could cause enough uncertainty about premeditation to get him off, thus turning Oscar into South Africa's O.J.

In Lance Armstrong's hometown of Houston, Texas, opinion is divided on whether the former hero ever really was heroic. In an epic longform piece for Texas Monthly, Michael Hall profiles the cyclist-as-fallen-idol. Says one Houston resident,"Absent the myth, we want to believe there is a human redemption story. We feel conflicted, even a bit guilty--we don't want to abandon him. But he abandoned us."

LeBron and the Miami Heat may seem to be a juggernaut destined for the NBA Finals. Not so fast, says Jason Whitlock at FOX Sports. King James' biggest threat may be one he doesn't see coming. Whitlock believes that Paul George and the Indiana Pacers could upset Miami in the playoffs this year. Whitlock also admits to being a Pacers homer. Regardless, his piece is a great profile of an up-and-coming player and team in the East.

In other news...

No. 1 Indiana beat no. 4 Michigan State, in East Lansing, sealing up the Hoosier's one-seed cred.

The NBA trade deadline might not see many big-name moves, but here are 10 candidates for a change of address.

RCS Power Ranking Averages: San Antonio maintains a near-unanimous top spot at the All-Star break.


No. 5 Florida fell to Missouri after leading the Tigers by 13:

Also... Pavel Datsyuk wove his way through four Nashville defenders to score this incredible goal.

Joe Johnson hit two clutch shots for Brooklyn, one to go to overtime and the other to win.

And the Miami Hurricanes eked out another win, this time against Virginia.

Three for Seven

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1. RealClearSports site editor Sam Chi ranks the 2013 NCAA football top 10. (1-5)

2. Owen Gibson at The Guardian found that Pistorius isn't quite the good guy he seemed to be (2-3)

3. John Feinstein at the Washington Post writes that realignment will soon turn the "Catholic Seven" into a dozen. (3-2)

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