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February 14, 2013 11:51 PM

RCS Morning News: Pistorius' dark past, Super security breach, and Jordan picks Kobe


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Oscar Pistorius' story of triumph against the odds hit a brick wall when he was arrested and charged with the murder of Reeva Steenkamp, his supermodel girlfriend. Owen Gibson at The Guardian dug into the double-amputee sprinter's past and found that Pistorius isn't quite the good guy he seemed to be, including past charges for assaulting a woman and reports of domestic incidents.

It's one of the highest-security events in America, allegedly, but somehow two students from Savannah State University waltzed in and out of Super Bowl XLVII without tickets, credentials, or lies. Sporting News' David Whitley has the recap and reactions to the Super security breach.

He may be entering rarefied air, but LeBron James still isn't better than Kobe Bryant. At least, that's according to Michael Jordan. Back in the news as his 50th birthday approaches, MJ said in an interview that he'd pick Kobe, because five championships is better than one. Oh, and even though he's 50, no. 23 is still a money machine.

In other news... the Heat continue to roll against the Thunder... Ann Killion doesn't like the plan for a new Warriors' arena.,, and wrestling should bribe its way back into the Olympics.


LeBron's streak of 60 percent and above shooting ended against Oklahoma City, but he still got 39 points and a win:

Also... Gareth Bale scored a match-winning goal on the last kick of a match against Lyon.

And ninth-ranked Arizona was upset by Colorado.

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