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March 17, 2013 10:09 PM

RCS Morning News: Breaking down brackets, scrutinizing NFL medicine, and a track legend's downfall


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Selection Sunday came and went with a couple notable wins and losses. Miami, who claimed the ACC tournament title, has its highest seed ever. Defending champion Kentucky, on the other hand, is out of the tournament completely. Pat Forde at Yahoo! Sports analyzes the 2013 Big Dance bracket.


There's medicine, and then there's National Football League medicine, Sally Jenkins and Rick Maese write at the Washington Post. While it was eminently clear to all observers that Robert Griffin III was seriously injured during the Redskins' playoff game against Seattle, the team allowed him to play on until his knee gave out, untouched, while fans watched in stunned silence. Jenkins and Maese dive deep into the NFL's questionable medical practices.


In 1966, Tim Danielson became the second American high schooler run a sub-four-minute mile. In 2010, Danielson was named one of San Diego's 50 greatest high school athletes. As of today, the former track star has spent over a year and a half in prison awaiting trial for murder. Jere Longman at The New York Times chronicles Danielson's rise to stardom and fall from grace.


Ole Miss upset Florida to claim the SEC tournament title:

Also... Miami topped North Carolina to win the school's first ACC championship.

Marc Gasol used a loose shoe on defense against the Utah Jazz.

And Monta Ellis scored 25 points in the fourth quarter to lift Milwaukee over Orlando.

Three for Seven

The three most popular stories on RealClearSports for the past seven days. (Previous position-days on chart.)

1. Vinnie Iyer at Sporting News writes that Wes Welker's move shifts power in the AFC. (1-3)

2. Tim Kawakami at San Jose Mercury News says the Boldin deal is grand larceny, (2-5)

3. At Sports on Earth, Will Leitch's final predictions before Selection Sunday. (NA-1)

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