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March 19, 2013 10:00 PM

RCS Morning News: Kentucky's NIT collapse, Klinsmann under fire, and old-school drills


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Over the course of the past year, Kentucky has gone from winning the NCAA tournament to a first-round loss in the NIT. Paul Schofield at Pittsburgh Tribune-Review wraps up Robert Morris' stunning upset of the Wildcats, which UK coach John Calipari says "they deserved."

The latest trend in college basketball, write Ben Cohen and Rachel Bachman at The Wall Street Journal, is old-school practice drills. Among advanced metrics these drills seem anachronistic, but they work. Teams like Ohio State, Butler, Michigan, and Duke run drills like the Buckeyes' "war rebounding."


U.S. Men's National Team coach Jurgen Klinsmann is coming under heavy fire, reports Sporting News' Brian Straus. Many players spoke anonymously, saying that Klinsmann lacks the tactical coaching skill necessary on game days and spends too much time on off-field activities like nutrition. Additionally, players commented on the divide between the American- and German-born players.


The Dominican Republic topped Puerto Rico to win the World Baseball Classic:

Also.. the Portland Trail Blazers fell short against the Bucks and a combined 44 form Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings.

The Canadiens lost after a dubious high-sticking penalty.

And the Senators scored four goals in the third period to beat the Islanders.

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