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March 4, 2013 12:28 AM

RCS Morning News: Marlins swindle Miami, NFL mercy realignment, and K.J.'s Kings fight


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Allen Barra at The Atlantic is thinking of a book that tells the opposite story of Moneyball. Barra says call it Scamball, and it's the story of how Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria swindled Miami. What was the scam? Signing All-Star caliber players getting a taxpayer-funded stadium, then dumping all of those players and pocketing the profits.

Red Sox fans are talking about win numbers; is Boston content with a rebuilding year?

Marc Tracy dives into how Moneyball is having an impact on the military.


It's hard not to admire what's happening in Sacramento. Mayor Kevin Johnson is refusing to allow the city's NBA team, the Kings, from leaving to Seattle without a fight. In a great piece at CBS, Ken Berger writes that Johnson's fight could lead him to head the National Basketball Players Association.


The NHL's proposed realignment would reduce the number of divisions from six to four. D.J. Gallo at ESPN says why stop there. Why not realign every sport? Gallo's first suggestion for the NFL: "merciful geographic realignment." MGR would save the hapless Cleveland Browns from playing such dominant teams as Baltimore and Pittsburgh.

Joe Flacco's new-found fortune is the result of the combination of luck and good timing.

Another NFL offseason, another series of hiring controversies. The Rooney Rule only works if teams make an effort, says David Steele at Sporting News.


LeBron James rallied the Heat to beat the Knicks, racking up 29 points:


Mike Magee tallied a hat trick against the Chicago Fire.

The San Antonio Spurs crushed Detroit 114-75, even with Tony Parker out.

And David West had 31 against Chicago to lead the Pacers to victory over the Bulls.

Three for Seven

The three most popular stories on RealClearSports for the past seven days. (Previous position-days on chart.)

1. Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel thinks NASCAR needed Danica, not Jimmie, to win the Daytona 500. (1-6)

2. Bob Harig at ESPN calls Rory McIlroy's "tooth pain" story a fairy tale. (NA-1)

3. Tim Kawakami & Cam Inman break down the deal sending Alex Smith to Kansas City. (3-4)

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