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March 11, 2013 10:33 PM

RCS Morning News: NFL offseason heats up, Crean's sin amplified, and disgrace roster grows


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The NFL offseason took a turn for the interesting with a couple of big-name deals to start the week. First, the Seahawks picked up Percy Harvin from Minnesota for a reported first-round pick this year. Harvin is a minor gamble but could give Seattle win-now potential to challenge the 49ers. The 49ers countered, sort of, by picking up Anquan Boldin from the Super Bowl champion Ravens. The move of a productive receiver in Boldin was motivated by cap-space clearance in Baltimore.

The traded players' teammates were not especially pleased. 

Adrian Peterson tweeted about the Harvin trade:

And Joe Flacco said about Boldin: ''It's sad to see a guy like that go, but at the same time you want what's best for him and you just wish him the best of luck. Anquan was a big part of this football team, a big part of this offense. He's one of the many reasons we won the Super Bowl.''


Under the increased scrutiny of social media, a coach's postgame handshake has become a suitable topic for outrage. When Tom Crean and Jeff Meyer got into a scuffle on Sunday night, the Internet sank in its collective teeth. But, writes Dana O'Neil for ESPN, coaches have been losing it for decades.

Why, exactly, do we have such a fascination with disgraced celebrity athletes? James Wolcott at Vanity Fair looks at the current roster of Pistorius, Te'o, Favor Hamilton, Amstrong, Paterno, Woods, Jones, Clemens, and Rodriguez, and analyzes the breakdown of champions.


The San Antonio Spurs bested the Oklahoma City Thunder in a Western Conference showdown:

Also... Bruins' keeper Tuukka Rask made a ridiculous save on a spin-o-rama shootout attempt to give Boston the win.

Kelly Olynyk led Gonzaga over St. Mary's to win the West Coast Conference.

And Ty Lawson hit Kenneth Faried for a massive long-distance alley-oop.

Three for Seven

The three most popular stories on RealClearSports for the past seven days. (Previous position-days on chart.)

1. The New York Times reports that Rupert Murdoch's Fox Sports 1 is a true challenger to ESPN. (1-6)

2. Lance Armstrong told Michael McCann at Sports Illustrated that every top rider doped. (2-5)

3. Kyle Porter at Eye on Golf writes that Rory McIlroy's romance with Caroline Wozniacki hit a bunker. (3-2)

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