Vikings War Cry

August 1, 2007 4:01 PM

More Vikes Camp Tidbits

*Daunte Culpepper is an Oakland Raider. Daunte...enough is enough. Just hire an agent. Please.

*Chilly's comparing Todd Lowber to Forrest Gump...he can run like crazy, although he hasn't been taking any hits yet. I'm rooting for Lowber to make it in the NFL, but that's gotta be an extremely tough adjustment for someone who's new to actually start taking a pounding on the practice field. The coaching staff seems to be impressed with him thus far, as he's been making some tough catches in practice.

*Matt Hasselbeck is still bitter about getting his knee injured by EJ Henderson last season. Matt: Quit whining. Get over it. Move on. Someone in the comments section had a great headline for this story: Spineless In Seattle.

*Chester's arm injury only turned out to be a bruised forearm. Whew! The one-two punch of Taylor and AD lives to see another day.

*When taking a visit to the Daily Norseman, I read the first story and thought my eyes were deceiving me...there was NO WAY John Clayton could have actually complemented Tarvaris Jackson. But believe it or not, he did:

Understand this, though. Jackson is doing well for a second-year quarterback who wasn't even sure as he entered his senior year in college that he was going to be drafted.

Not a particularly outstanding complement, but a complement nonetheless. Anyway, I just became a John Clayton fan. Credit to Clayton for being one of the very, very few in the mainstream media who is willing to be positive about Tarvaris.

*Speaking of T-Jack, after a rough start to camp he was on fire in today's practice, connecting with Martin Nance for a pair of touchdowns.

*Also in today's practice, Jackson was running the ball more, as he avoided taking sacks. That's something I find exciting about Jackson's game...he has an impressive ability to salvage plays by taking off and running. Last season, we saw that he's pretty freaking elusive when he's on the run, but he did take a few hits...hopefully the coaches are stressing to him that he needs to slide.

*Fox Sports ranked the Vikes #29 in its training camp power rankings. They're saying the season pretty much depends on Tarvaris and the receivers. They're right about that...and they also make a good point, saying the Vikes could actually be a respectable team this year. It's possible.

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