Vikings War Cry

August 1, 2009 12:35 AM

Happy Camp!

Finally, after what seems like an endless summer and enough Brett-Fuckin'-Favre talk to fill Noah's Ark, we have some kind of organized football taking place.  Training camp is upon us, and while we're still six weeks or so away from games that actually matter, I'm pretty damn excited.  So from me to you, and from my imaginary family to your real one:


Now that I have the whole "stop posting or you're fired" situation worked out, and some actual tangible football goodies to lord over and consume, you'll be getting some regular posts around these parts.  I promise.  And I know you have no reason to believe me, as I've been a pretty terrible blogger/writer/windbag, but it's hard to hammer out content on the Vikings while the players and staff are sitting around playing dominoes on XBOX.  But all of that ends today.

So, without further ado, lets take a trip around Vikingland and discuss some of the happenings and whatwills here and abroad:

1) Some old Mississippi bumpkin that throws too many interceptions decided to stay home this fall.  Nothing to see here folks: the Vikes are already at maximum capacity when it comes to mediocre quarterbacks that like to turn the ball over.  The gameplan for this offense doesn't have to involve an overabundance of passing, just someone who can throw the ball to the correct team when they have to.  I just hope that guy is on the roster at this point.  (I'm rooting for Tarvaris for what it's worth.)

2) If Vegas was carrying odds for who would be some kind of a story on day 1 in Mankato,  what do you suppose the numbers on Bobby Wade would have been?  75 to 1?  500 to 1?  Buried in the depth chart, probably playing for a spot on the team, but nothing more.

Then he drops this bomb while chatting with KFAN.  Holy shit.

Now THIS is how a role player contributes.  Sow the seeds of discontent before Jay Cutler takes a single snap as a Bear.  Stir the pot for a new guy in a new city.  Bobby Wade is either a strategic Mozart or some kind of dipshit.  

And I know he's "apologized" since, but the damage is done.  Well played Mr. Wade.  Well played.

3) I know this isn't a Vikings issue, but it's worth mentioning.  I think Commisar.... er, Commissioner Goodell got it right with the Vick reinstatement.  I know it's not a popular stand to take, but it's my stand.  Let the man serve his suspension and get on with his life.  If he wants to play football, let him play football.

4) And here's props to management for sacking up and paying Antoine Winfield.  The right move for a key guy.

5) I know that the NFL is two-thirds economics wrapped around two-thirds football, (figure that one out) but Percy Harvin needs to get his ass to camp.  I've read all of the superlatives from coaches and trainers and I've watched all the highlight videos on Youtube, but this kid still has something to prove, at least to me.  Get in, get going, and stay out of trouble.  Score a few times early on and I'll love you.  Just don't fail a drug test that you know you're taking... again.

/me slaps face

6) I was pumped when I heard that Kenechi Udeze felt good enough to come to camp, so it obviously sucks to hear that he's already had to bow out due to cancer-related ouchies.  Sucks to see you go man, but you've got your health, and that's far more important.  Good luck with whatever it is you decide to do.

7, 8, 9) RIP Jim Johnson, Steve McNair and Michael Jackson.

What's that you're saying?  Michael Jackson has nothing to do with football OR the Vikings?  

Get used to it ladies.

Editor's Note: With the season rapidly approaching, VWC (that's Vikings War Cry for the acrinomially-inept [and yes I know acrinomially isn't a word, but I'm a wordsmith and a scholar!] is still looking for a few people that can form coherent sentences while also talking Viking football.  Interested parties can contact vikingswarcry _AT_ for more information.  Seig Hiel.

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