Vikings War Cry

November 3, 2010 8:25 AM

Childress the Childish


Say it ain't so!

After a five year absence, Randy Moss was finally back wearing the famed Minnesota Viking "84" jersey. The jersey, many Viking fans longed to see him in.

After four games back where he belongs, Brad Childress, you mean to report that you have waived him? Why? Was your ego jilted? Was your ultra-thinned skin damaged by the truth?

After your Minnesota Viking team was defeated in New England 28-18 last Sunday, were you left in envy of a franchise that is everything yours is not? A winner?

Yes, the Patriots, winners of three Super Bowls in four appearances during the 2000's, also currently stand at 6-1, the best record in the league. Your team is 2-5 and sinking fast.

You have more talent on your roster than they do, but they have a great head coach on their sideline and you Brad Childress, are no great head coach. Frankly, you are not even a good one.

In Moss' post-game press conference when he referred to Bill Belichick as the best coach of all time, were you insulted because he did not bestow that title upon you? Perhaps you feel your 1-2 playoff record outshines Belichick's 15-5 playoff record?

Maybe you acted in haste, because during that press conference, Moss revealed to everyone, how even with him explaining the Patriots offense to you and your coaching staff, you still could not stop them.

Or, could it be you wasted a future third round draft pick, because you are upset about Moss' alledged outburst over a locker room meal? Is that why you suddenly decided to waive the second most prolific receiver in Viking history? 

Currently, do you not have a quarterback on your roster being investigated by the NFL for possible misconduct that could result in a lawsuit? Is he getting ready to be waived also, or is his 29th ranked quarterback passer rating so impressive, it warrants him receiving preferrential treatment?

Oh that's right, you said that you want "good people," on your team. Really? Seriously?

 Are you not the one who cut Marcus Robinson on Christmas Eve? Yes, Christmas Eve, because the receiver - who led the team in touchdown receptions at the time - dared to speak out about your dreadful offense. An offense that was so predictable, it would not have been able to outsmart a fifth grader.

You are such a "good person," that a few years ago you simply could not resist fining Troy Williamson for taking too long in South Carolina, attending the funeral of his grandmother who raised him, and taking care of her affairs. Yes, such a wonderful show of compassion on your part.

During last season's playoffs, your "class act," was on full display as you had an- already-selfish, stat-driven quarterback throw two unnecessary late fourth-quarter touchdowns to drub your outmatched Dallas Cowboy opponent 34-3.

Zygi Wilf, you own the Vikings, it is time for you to break your silence, and begin cleaning up this mess that has become your franchise. It is time to acknowledge that your first and only coaching hire thus far, has been a mistake. A big one. Cut your losses.

When you hired Childress in 2006, his first order of business was alienating then franchise quarterback, Daunte Culpepper, the third most prolific passer in Viking history. He unceremoniously cut Culpepper just prior to the start of that season.

Now, the latest fiasco has Moss being cut suddenly without any reasonable explanation being provided. What sense does this make? Here says that Moss will one day be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and Childress; not.

Moss has played on the two highest scoring offenses in NFL history, the '98 Vikings and the '07 Patriots. This year, in the four games he played in, Moss being on the field, helped boost the Vikings per game scoring average from a paltry average of 14, to a respectable average of 21. Yet, just like that, he is gone, and realistically, so is the season.

The time has come that Brad Childress should be fired. The team is in total turmoil, and there is no present indication that a turnaround is soon on its way. So why wait? The Vikings need a fresh start. Now.

Remember Mr. Owner, how on New Year's Day, 2006, you didn't even wait until then Head Coach, Mike Tice, could even make it to the locker room to address his players after the victorious season finale? You fired him right on the spot, in a room off of the tunnel. You certainly did not wait then, why wait now?

Your current coach has turned your organization into a joke, a joke that lacks humor. It is unimaginable how there could be any respect for him, or any confidence in him, in that locker room right now.

In his four and a half seasons, at most a handful of teams may have had as many Pro Bowl players on their rosters as he has had on his, yet Childress has only been able to produce a mediocre overall regular season record of 38-33.

As Brad Childress continues to run the organization into the ground, his ineptitude begins to reflect more and more upon the quality - or lack thereof - of the ownership. Just curious to know Mr. Wilf, what is the ownership, going to do about it?

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