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September 3, 2009 8:02 AM

Get a grip, Tiger

Today's main course: Heart of Tiger, served with just a hint of denial and plenty of bitterness.

If you are starting to get as fed up with Tiger Woods' on- and off-course nonsense as I am, this dish is for you. If you prefer to take your Tiger sunny side up, like habitual apologists such as David Feherty, maybe the below offering featuring Lou Holtz will be easier on your stomach.

According to Star-Ledger and columnist, Steve Politi, Woods saw the greens at Jersey City's Liberty National golf course, not his stroke, as the culprit for his latest near-miss, this time at The Barclays last Sunday.

This is starting to become a bothersome trend with Woods, who might be best served scowling into a mirror rather than the evil which is suddenly all about, conspiring to thwart his march toward golf immortality and Jack Nicklaus' record 18 professional majors, and Sam Snead's 82 victories on tour.

Oh, it would still be an upset if Woods didn't bash his way past Nicklaus and Snead to become the game's greatest winner, but it is becoming clearer and clearer he'll never get within a 3-wood of Nicklaus the man.

For all of Jack's winning, nobody was more gracious in defeat. Nicklaus wanted the trophies every bit as much as Woods, but was cognizant there were actually others on the course that wanted them just as bad. So when Nicklaus came up a bit short (he finished second a record 19 times in the majors) he gave the victor and the great game their due.

Lately, Woods seems to see himself as a victim. His club-slamming exhibition at this year's Open Championship was way over the top. Now the greens -- the very greens everybody was forced to putt on -- were at fault at The Barclays.

Woods would be wise to use the looming offseason for some reflection. He no longer has anything to prove with his wonderful game. It's Tiger the man that needs a little work.

If all Tiger Woods does is walk away golf's greatest winner, some of us will view it as his greatest disappointment.

Dessert: Lou's Irish Stew, best served with copious amounts of Irish Whiskey

I realize this is hardly news, but if ESPN can tease it 88 times a day, I can toss it on the grill one more time...

Former Notre Dame coach and current ESPN talking head, Lou Holtz, has picked his beloved Irish to play Florida in the Bowl Championship Series title game in 2010.

Holtz is right when he points to Notre Dame's cream puff schedule, but it's also worth considering that these days the opposition can be excused if they view a date with Notre Dame as a bit of a breather.

As fellow World Sports Blogger Bob Birge so wonderfully pointed out, this might just be a bit over the top for a guy who resembles your 'eccentric uncle.'
As Birge says, "You love him, and you put up with him, but you don't listen to much of what he says."

Right on.

I'll say 9-3, and 8-4 if they don't take Nevada and its excellent quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, seriously this Saturday in South Bend.

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