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September 16, 2009 7:09 AM

Toasting N.Y.; Texans just toast

Hopefully we built some trust around the Grill Room as Week 1 went pretty much the way we thought it would.

Sure, a couple of our 90-proofers had to go to the wire to knock down divisional foes, but weren't your meanest fights always against your best buddies?

Otherwise, free drinks for Jets fans. Your team made quite an impression on our bartenders. Strictly water for the wobbly Texans, who proved they can't handle the strong stuff.



  • 1 (1) Pittsburgh (98 proof, 1-0) Survived a slugfest with the rough-house Titans, but this is not the same defense without Polamalu.
  • 2 (2) Philadelphia (97 proof, 1-0) The Eagles are every bit as nasty as we thought they were, making plays all over the field. McNabb's hurt. What else is new? And throwing the rock and trying FGs with a 4-TD lead deep in the 4th quarter will get you run from the GR. Show some manners, Andy.
  • 3 (3) N.Y. Giants (95 proof, 1-0) This is just the 2008 squad continued. Nothing flashy, no weaknesses, but more depth.
  • 4 (4) New England (93 proof, 1-0) This is why Tom Terrific is one of the best of all time. The O-line has some issues, though. Paltry 3.2-yd.-per-carry rushing average won't get it done.
  • 5 (5) San Diego (91 proof, 1-0) Used to be the Raiders' slogan was, "Just win, baby." Win is about all the Bolts did here. They were pushed around by Oakland most of the night giving up 148 yds. on the ground.
  • 6 (7) Tennessee (90 proof, 0-1) The Giants of the AFC.
  • 7 (6) Indianapolis (85 proof, 1-0) After Wayne, Manning's targets are limited, but we like the way the Colts defense got physical against the Jags.
  • 8 (8) Minnesota (83 proof, 1-0) If this team sticks with this winning recipe: Heavy dose of Peterson with a touch of Favre, it can go places.
  • 9 (9) Dallas (80 proof, 1-0) Owens exits and big plays arrive -- just as Jerry thought, eh? Let's see what 'Boys do against a Giant team that won't forget to cover the deep ball.
  • 10 (11) Atlanta (78 proof, 1-0) Looks like the Gonzalez signing was every bit as nifty as everybody said it was. Falcon defense completely caged the Fish's Wildcat.
  • 11 (13) New Orleans (74 proof, 1-0) The GR is old-timey when it comes to its football: Defense wins championships, got it? But, geesh, just a little defense could take Brees' Saints a long way. Big test against Philly this weekend.
  • 12 (16) Green Bay (70 proof, 1-0) We're still not as bonkers as many so-called experts are about this squad, but no other team deserves this spot. O-Line better patch holes.
  • 13 (18) Baltimore (69 proof, 1-0) Underestimated Jersey Joe Flacco (26/43, 307 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT) around the GR. The dude can stand in there and flat chuck it. The Ravens proved they are certainly worth a shot, or two.
  • 14 (20) San Francisco (67 proof, 1-0) We like Mike even more in the GR after his upstart squad battered Cards' QB Warner, and made just enough plays to win ugly.
  • 15 (14) Chicago (66 proof, 0-1) Cutler showed off his big arm and hit open Packer DBs repeatedly in 21-15 loss. No rest for the weenie Sunday when the No. 1 Steelers come to town.
  • 16 (23) N.Y. Jets (65 proof, 1-0) Yeah, Sanchez was ultra-cool in the pocket for a rook, but Rex Ryan's defense positively buried the Texans. The Jets zoom up to No. 16.
  • 17 (22) Seattle (62 proof, 1-0) QB Hasselbeck dinked and dunked the Rams to death, and RB Jones (19-117 yds.) kept the Rams' D honest. Big test coming Sunday in SF.
  • 18 (10) Arizona (60 proof, 0-1) The GR paid respect to the NFC champs last week, and this is what it got for it. The Cards better muster a running game, or Warner might die this year.
  • 19 (19) Washington (56 proof, 0-1) The Redskins are what we thought they were, and QB Campbell is who the 'Skins thought he was when they tried to trade for a QB this year.
  • 20 (25) Jacksonville (53 proof, 0-1) The Jags played the Colts to the wire on the road, and lost. This could be a theme this year for a team that doesn't make big plays.
  • 21 (28) Denver (49 proof, 1-0) Must pay due deference to miracles in the GR.
  • 22 (24) Buffalo (47 proof, 0-1) How long before T.O. starts crying?
  • 23 (17) Cincinnati (45 proof, 0-1) Snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.
  • 24 (26) Oakland (42 proof, 0-1) Out-gained Chargers on ground 2-to-1.
  • 25 (15) Carolina (40 proof, 0-1) Last week we said: "Delhomme just seems finished to us." This is why you watch your football in the GR.
  • 26 (12) Houston (39 proof, 0-1) This is how employees get fired at the GR. No. 12?! Bleh!
  • 27 (21) Miami (38 proof, 0-1) No offense, but some dude named Bess led the WR corps.
  • 28 (29) Tampa Bay (36 proof, 0-1) Actually rolled up 174 yds. on ground against 'Boys.
  • 29 (31) Kansas City (34 proof, 0-1) We suppose taking the game deep into the 4th quarter against the Ravens counts for something.
  • 30 (30) Cleveland (32 proof, 0-1) They are what we thought they were -- awful.
  • 31 (27) St. Louis (29 proof, 0-1) Coach Spags better learn how to coach some offense quick.
  • 32 (32) Detroit (25 proof, 0-1) Uh-uh, no climbing out of the cellar until you actually prove you can win a game again in the NFL.
(*) -- denotes last week's ranking.

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