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November 8, 2009 2:31 AM

Does Jerry Jones have memory issues?

jerry jones.jpgWe get all kinds shuffling through the green double-doors of the Grill Room -- folks mostly like you and me, who are looking for good company, great bier, and dependable eats.
But like the downtrodden Giants fan that walked in here earlier this week, it seems like they mostly come here looking for answers.

Why's that, you ask?
Because think about it: In all your life, has anybody ever given you better counsel than a good bartender?

See that? You asked a question, and already got a good answer.

So take a seat, and order up, while we tackle the toughest questions from each game on the schedule, as the NFL cracks open the second half of its season today.


(30) Washington at (12) Atlanta 1 p.m.
Just how bad was Greg Blache's childhood?

Here's why we're asking:
Because on Wednesday the Redskins defensive coordinator called Redskins owner Danny Snyder, "one of the most generous, kind individuals you could ever meet.''

(14) Arizona at (13) Chicago 1 p.m.
When did the Cardinals become the 2007 road-warrior Giants reincarnated?
Here's why we're askin':
Because if the Cards go into Chicago and win today, it will be the first time in 27 years they have won four straight on the road.
(7) Baltimore at (8) Cincinnati 1 p.m.
Is this a must-win game for a very good Ravens team?
Here's why we're askin':
Because with a loss they dive to 4-4, and are down a tie-breaker to the upstart Bengals, and in third place in their division. But maybe there's a better way to look at this: With a win, this team will be set up for a very serious run to the playoffs.
(11) Houston at (2) Indianapolis 1 p.m.
Are we crazy when we say the potent Texans offense won't skip a beat with the loss of their talented TE Owen Daniels for the season?
Here's why we're askin':
Because it seems like with targets like Andre Johnson, Steve Slaton and Kevin Walter tying up multiple defenders, you could plug in Elmer Fudd at TE and QB Schaub would still get him the ball a few times in single coverage.
(25) Kansas City at (22) Jacksonville 1 p.m.
How come we think that if the Jaguars gave away tickets to this game, they couldn't fill their stadium?
Here's why we're askin':
Because the 3-4 Jaguars have not sold out a home game all year, and when they hosted the Rams three weeks ago barely drew a crowd of 40,000. Can anybody say, Los Angeles Jaguars? Sorry, that's another question.  

(19) Miami at (5) New England 1 p.m.
Why do we have a feeling the Dolphins are in for a very long day in New England?
Here's why we're askin':
Because count on a rested Patriot defense caging the wildcat, and forcing Chad Henne to throw the ball. He can't, and the depleted Dolphins' defense won't stop Tom Terrific, who can. 
(16) Green Bay at (29) Tampa Bay 1 p.m.
How is it Tampa Bay will play only six home games this year?
Here's why we're askin':
Because after last playing at home two weeks ago in, er, London, they will take the field today in Tampa to find more Packer fans in the stands than Yucks fans.
(21) Carolina at (1) New Orleans 4:05 p.m.
Could anybody have possibly foreseen the Saints being favored by two TDs in this one at the beginning of the season?
Here's why we're askin':
Because anybody who saw this game as being anything more than a TD either way at the start of the year would have either been cut off immediately...or freaked us out with their eerie ability to walk on water. 
(32) Detroit at (23) Seattle 4:05 p.m.
If you lived anywhere but Detroit or Seattle would you watch this game?
Here's why we're askin':
Because if you answered yes, don't bother checking your pulse, you are already dead.
(15) San Diego at (17) N.Y. Giants 4:15 p.m.
Is Giants defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan about to become one of the millions of unemployed Americans?
Here's why we're askin':
Because it is hard to think of a coach anywhere who has done more with less than this guy. If his defense doesn't show up against the Chargers today, the Giants bye week, might become his bye-bye week.  
(27) Tennessee at (18) San Francisco 4:15 p.m.
How many turnovers is Vince Young good for today?
Here's why we're askin':
Because there is a very good reason this guy has been on the sidelines for most of his career: He stinks. After two tough losses on the road, Coach Mike's defense is going to take every bit of it out on Vinnie.
(10) Dallas at (6) Philadelphia 8:20 p.m.
Will revenge be on Jerry Jones' mind after last year's season-ending 44-6 debacle in Philly?
Here's why we're askin':
Because after watching recent Pokes' seasons end so ingloriously, it's fair to ask if Jones has severe recall issues. After all, he has brought back Wade Phillips each time to be his assistant coach. 

(4) Pittsburgh at (9) Denver Monday night
Can Tedy Bruschi be far behind?
Here's why you're askin':
Because Ty Law just became the latest ex-Patriot to hook on with Josh McDaniels' Denver team. If nothing else, Bruschi would do us all  a favor by surrendering his mic at ESPN.

(*) denotes NFL 100-proof ranking

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