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November 24, 2009 7:48 AM

Cowboys' owner gets flagged

flag.jpgAhh, Texas...
The state where everything is bigger -- egos, entrees, pickup trucks, belt buckles, stadiums, and you name it.
You want big? Go to Texas, pard.

So how is it that it seems like Jerry Jones can barely squeeze into the place?
Seems a week doesn't go by when the man of a million faces doesn't have one of them smack in the middle of some camera, microphone or controversy.

Did you hear the latest flap surrounding the Dallas Cowboys owner and megalomaniac?

I guess when Jones built his billion-dollar palace to celebrate himself and his perpetually under-achieving Cowboys, he got all the important parts right. The place has a whale-sized scoreboard, go-go dancers in every other aisle, $8 beers, and $200 tickets.
Disney-Texas has everything, except, of course, a team worth rooting for.
Oh, and an American flag.

According to this little ditty in the Dallas Morning News last Friday, some high school game was played there before about 97,500 empty seats recently, and when the national anthem was played to start the festivities, there was no flag to salute, admire or pay homage to.
The story doesn't go into it, so it's hard to know what exactly the players and fans were looking at as the Star Spangled Banner was played. Maybe a few of those go-go girls were about?

Anyway, this has stirred up a Texas-size debate in the Lone Star State. Some say it's overblown, some say it's disrespectful. All I know is the Grill Room can't get enough of a food fight between fanatics who objectify the flag like some idol, and the owner who will objectify anything, but mostly himself, all in the name of attention.

Jones said that despite this flag-waving flap, he's holding to his marble-encrusted guns, and an American flag won't be added to Cowboys Stadium .
"The policy really is that the people that are in charge of the event make those arrangements relative to our anthem and recognition of the flag," he said.

Maybe you can appreciate this all the more when you consider that Jones addressed all this while being interviewed on a radio show, hosted by the venerable Newy Scruggs and Richie Whitt. Apparently, Jones sees it as a necessity to talk to Newy Scruggs and Richie Witt, and is a regular on the show. Appears every week with them, he does.

Jones went on to explain to Newy Scruggs and Richie Witt that the Cowboys supply a flag for their ball games and expects the high-rolling high-schoolers to do the same.

But the real problem according to Jones is size, and in this case, he made it clear it matters.

"Our stadium is so huge that you really have quite a challenge of displaying it (the flag) so that everyone can see it," Jones said.

Fill in your own punch line.

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