Welcome to the GRILL ROOM

November 26, 2009 6:45 AM

Drink up, and be on your way...


thanks2004.jpgSo here you are at the Grill Room on Thanksgiving Day...
Sure, we're open for business, but you can't stay long. No, we're serious, you really can't -- especially if you are one of our American customers.

Thanksgiving is the original F-Bomb of holidays: Family, Friends, Food, and Football. Messing around in places like this will only get you in trouble. Don't get us wrong, we appreciate your patronage, but you'll be a lot safer at grandma's house today.

So finish up that drink and be on your way. Before you go, though, a couple of things that will make this a truly memorable holiday for the staff at the Grill Room:

  • For just this one day, the Raiders regain their swagger, capture that autumn wind, and ransack Cowboys Stadium and the unlikeable team that plays there. We can all be Raiders fans just for one day, can't we? Don't think so? Listen to this, and come back. You can do anything now can't you? Can't you!?
  • That the Detroit Lions continue their mastery of Green Bay on Thanksgiving and give us a ball game worth gobbling about. Think it can't happen? This will be the 16th time the Lions have feasted on the Pack on Turkey Day. Detroit owns a 10-4-1 advantage in the previous 15 meetings. Didn't know that, did you? Anyway, listen to this and don't be a hater. And just in case, stay away from any lawyers at your holiday gathering. I am sure they would tell you that we can't be held accountable for directing you to that site -- but just in case...

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! We'll have several batches of bloodies waiting for you in the morn.

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