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November 30, 2009 6:45 AM

Moral victories are for losers


We are at that time of the season when we are reminded again and again that there is no such thing as a moral victory in the NFL, and in the Grill Room we toast that.

Moral victories are for sissies, and the politically correct, who can't bear to watch anybody lose, but mostly their fat, uninterested kids who they occasionally scrape off the couch to play some sport and not keep score. Apparently, we are at the point where the fact that they competed at all, is its own victory, and probably a moral one at that.

So let's make this clear: That was no moral victory you saw when that banged-up Redskins team went into Philadelphia yesterday and came within a hair of limping out with an improbable victory. Though I gotta tell you, for a minute or two, we were actually crediting the Redskins around here for playing hard when, really, they had nothing to play hard for.

Thank goodness, then, that we had an ornery Redskins' beat writer around the place to shake us back to our senses. Thank goodness, he was here to remind us that all that ball-and-chain of a team that he has been sentenced to cover did...was lose -- again.  

You want moral victories? Have a kid.

Now onto a sampling of what the rest of the nation's sportswriters and columnists are saying about their football teams across every NFL city, because in the Grill Room we love the newspaper business, even if it hates itself.

(17) Atlanta 20
(31) Tampa Bay 17

(26) Buffalo 31
(13) Miami 14

(5) Cincinnati 16
(32) Cleveland 7

  • Bengals keep their feet on the ground against hapless Browns.
  • Browns offense turns corner, hits wall.
(1) Indianapolis 35

(16) Houston 27

(24) N.Y. Jets 17

(19) Carolina 6

(8) Philadelphia 27

(21) Washington 24

(28) Seattle 27
(29) St. Louis 17

(15) Tennessee 20
(7) Arizona 17

(3) Minnesota 36
(23) Chicago 10

(6) San Diego 43

(25) Kansas City 14

(20) San Francisco 20
(18) Jacksonville 3

(12) Baltimore 20
(10) Pittsburgh 17, OT

(*) denotes NFL 100-proof ranking.

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