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November 2, 2009 8:30 AM

Packer fans in purple haze

Justice can be hard to find in this cruel world, especially if you are digging around NFL stadiums on a Sunday afternoon.
Just ask any virtuous Green Bay fan who crowded into hallowed Lambeau Field yesterday.

When Brett Favre started his interesting road to retirement two seasons ago, he broke the hearts of Packer-backers everywhere. But he was certainly forgiven.
When he exited that road and landed as the quarterback of the hated Vikings this past summer, he did the unforgivable.

So there would be hell to pay, that was all there was to it.

The Packer Nation circled the date on their calendars when their once-favorite son would return, and then gathered 'round to bear witness to his beating.

Of course, they are still waiting.

With the Green Bay faithful expecting their team to dole out justice, Favre instead showed no conscience and delivered rockets to wide-open Vikings all over the joint. While the Green Bay faithful waited for quarterback Aaron Rodgers to take his place as the second-coming, the Viking defense showed no mercy and unceremoniously planted him in the Lambeau sod.

When it was finally over, the scoreboard read: Vikings 38, Green Bay 26.

If the disillusioned Green Bay fans learned anything at all yesterday, it's this: If you are looking for justice you'd best try a court, because in the NFL, baby, might still makes right.

Now onto a sampling of what the nation's sportswriters and columnists are saying about their football teams across every NFL city, because in the Grill Room we love the newspaper business, even if it hates itself.

(4) Minnesota 38
(14) Green Bay 26

(9) Baltimore 30
(6) Denver 7
(13) Houston 31
(22) Buffalo 10
(18) Chicago 30
(27) Cleveland 6
(15) Dallas 38
(23) Seattle 17
  • Cowboys season goes forward with a look back at Philly.
  • After another frightful loss, Seattle goes mad.
(32) St. Louis 17
(29) Detroit 10
(2) Indianapolis 18
(17) San Francisco 14
(7) Philadelphia 40
(12) N.Y. Giants 17
(19) Miami 30
(20) N.Y. Jets 25
(16) San Diego 24
(26) Oakland 16
(30) Tennessee 30
(21) Jacksonville 13
(24) Carolina 34
(8) Arizona 21

(*) denotes NFL 100-proof ranking

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