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January 14, 2010 9:23 AM

Kiffin bolts! Guard the women and children!

rome.jpgSorry if I am laughing and crying while I type a little something about all this sanctimonious bull, and flat revolting behavior by so many regarding the University of Southern California's hiring of Lane Kiffin to be its football coach.

There are days I am positively sure we are now living in Bizarro World. Today is one of them.

That so much can be made about what should be so little, kind of terrifies me.
You'd think Kiffin assaulted two kids and a puppy or something. The guy took what he sees as a better job. That's it.

Did he handle it all exactly right? No, I don't think so. I guess I am feeling most sorry for the kids he recruited with a bunch of empty promises. I'm betting they'll somehow get over it, though.
This is hardly the first time a coach has reneged on a contract, and it won't be the last. And what good is a contract these days, anyway? But I digress...

College sports, and especially football, have become a big, fat business. In fact, the sooner they dump the reference to 'college' altogether in this business, the better I'll like it.
It is a business run by self-servers, TV networks, and all those types that will run right over those two kids and puppy at the first sniff of the almighty dollar.
College and education have nothing to do with it.

I can't remember what channel I was watching last night when they showed students rioting on the campus of the University of Tennessee, because they were apparently upset over this whole awful chain of events surrounding their now-departed football coach.

Really?! This is what college kids get excited about nowadays?

We are a nation at war, the economy is in the toilet, Haiti has been flattened, politicians of all stripes and colors are letting us down by the day, and these yahoos are driven to madness by some football coach. Perfect.
At least they have youth as an excuse.

But what about the alleged adults?

Over the past day or so, one talking head after another has vented his/her disgust, outrage, disappointment or whatever word you like over Kiffin's move. Jim Rome (pictured) outdid himself with the vitriol on his program yesterday, which is like saying this winter is about to get much, much colder.

Then there's the columnists -- not there's a big difference between them and the talking heads these days...
Anyway, they, too, are going heavy on the opinion about this outlandish situation.

For the sake of convenience, I'll pick on one of these dudes, only because he gets No. 2 billing on RealClearSports website today, and because I like low-hanging fruit as much as the next writer.

ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski writes a column under the headline, "Lane Kiffin cares only about himself."
Whoa! Knock me over with a feather! Say it ain't so!

He then lays out why it is Lane Kiffin cares only about himself (as opposed to any number of people who care only about themselves, who were no doubt drooling over the possibility of landing one of the sports' preeminent coaching positions).

Again, all this isn't to defend Kiffin, but to point out how over the top we tend to get these days over the stupidest things.

Sports has always been the great diversion. It is where we go to be entertained. It's where we go to escape life's harsh realities. It's where we go to knock back a cold one, and argue harmless things like whether Lane Kiffin should have bolted Tennessee.

Nobody dies, nobody loses a job, nobody gets cancer...Somebody wins and somebody loses. That's as bad, or good, as it should ever get.

What I have been watching, hearing and reading regarding Lane Kiffin's move, has been anything but fun. It has been pathetic and embarrassing.
Frankly, embarrassing and pathetic is how we used to describe some of our crooked politicians.

The sooner we can get back to that the better.

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