Welcome to the GRILL ROOM

January 16, 2010 6:45 AM

Welcome bloggers -- no, really...!

chitty.jpgCongratulations to Sam "The Good Shepherd" Chi, who announced Thursday that he has recruited another 671 ex-journalists and bloggers to round out his flock of the disenfranchised here at RealClearSports.

A firm pat on the back should also go to Chi's cohorts at RCS, the hardworking Jeff, Robbie and Tanner, which sounds a lot like the making of a bad Beach Boys'  tribute band now that I think of it...

But, hey, rather than stalk around this suddenly stuffy, talent-laden place gasping for air, let me be among the first to extend an olive branch to the newbies who have elbowed their way onto this site from something called MVN.
MVN?! Really?! What is (sorry, was) that?!

I know the first thing I'd do if I was looking for a semi-reputable sports site is google, MVN...There are geniuses all over the Internet, I tell ya...

Anyway, for the readers' benefit, I say we all pull together as one big ol, huge, gigantic, massive, titanic, monstrous...self-centered team. What do you say, gang? Let me say that a little louder for the all the bloggers in the back, WHAT DO YOU SAY, GANG?!

By the way, if you are wondering what Sam looks like, picture that dude on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with the big net, who used to lure kids with candy, before scooping 'em up and locking 'em away in a dungeon. If you are too young to remember that movie, then you are probably one of the smart-asses who actually operate a blog that has a big following. (By the way, how do you do it?)

Anyway, as I type this, Sam is rumored to be standing outside some broken down newspaper in the Midwest waiting for it to fall with that big, ol' net of his, ready to scoop up more casualties of days gone bye-bye in the newspaper business. Real charmer, that guy. And a warning: If you are looking to sneak a questionable post past Sam and the Beach Boys I'd advise against it, they never seem to sleep.  

But enough about those dudes...
The reason we are reaching out to you today, besides giving you a false impression of our kindness, is because once the football season ends, we will move on to mostly writing about golf. And, really, who spends their valuable time reading about that?!
The chances of you coming around then are about as good as Tiger Woods showing up at some tournament anytime soon.

Sure, we'll also write about the significant news of the day, but it's during those times that things really get dangerous around here because of this sanctimonious streak we've never been able to shake.

So, welcome to the Grill Room, and RealClearSports. Yer welcome any time, unless that guy Chi is hanging around you...

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